Tour Guide Justin Credible

Tour Guide Justin Credible

The story of how Justin Credible landed at Ride the Ducks of Seattle is, well… just incredible.

It all started twenty years ago: While walking downtown with his wife and visiting family, they saw a Duck go by and decided to go on a tour. It was fun and different – plus they welcomed the opportunity to get off their feet for a couple hours! Afterward, they all agreed this would be just the job for Justin, if he should ever tire of the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

Fast forward several years and Justin indeed grew tired of grinding his hustle (and bustle) daily. So, he came to join us at Ride the Ducks, and they all lived Happily Ever After.

Not so fast. First, he and Mrs. Credible moved to southern California so he could go back to school to become a golf professional. (Who knew?) After receiving his degree, Justin established an onboard golf program for Celebrity Cruises’ popular New York to Bermuda and Caribbean itineraries. What a fantastic (incredible?) experience! Life at sea to exotic locales involved in a sport he loves, meeting people from around the world, helping them to make the most out of their travel experiences! But even cruise ship life can become tiresome after five years. (Yeah, not so much sympathy there, Justin!)

Yearning for a more “normal” home life — you know, where he could sleep in his own bed every night — Justin thought of that long-ago Duck tour and the fun he’d had. His Grandpa Credible (Dad’s dad) always said he’d had a way with words and a congenial disposition. And, as his Mom’s favorite, he never lacked in confidence.

So finally, he called the Ducks and here he is, meeting folks from around the world and showing off the city he loves so much. Talking, laughing and go-go-going all day, his mirth, merriment, and general conviviality have found the perfect creative outlet!

One of his favorite mottos, passed down from Grandpa Credible is: “Whatever the weather, someone likes it — might as well be us!” Waka Waka!

As you can imagine, being a tour guide at Ride the Ducks is a ton of fun and you get to listen to a lot of great music. Our Quackmasters of Fun have compiled a Spotify playlist of some of their favorite songs that you might hear on your Duck Tour. If you ride with Justin Credible, be sure to request Downtown!

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