100 Days of Seattle Fun Facts

Whether you’ve lived in Seattle your entire life, moved here a few years ago or are just visiting for the weekend, there’s much more to Seattle than originally meets the eye. Some of you may have explored the city to the max, but some of you may be surprised about how much there is that you may have missed out on right here in your own backyard.

Here at Ride the Ducks, we like to refer to the time period from the First Day of Summer through Labor Day as “The 100 Days of Summer.” It’s the time of year when we are creating more smiles per capita than the average dentist, making more jokes than a stand-up comedian about how a true Seattle-ite orders their double-skinny-mocha-cappuccino and singing Y-M-C-A more times than the Village People did over their entire career.  This year, for The 100 Days of Summer, we’re going to highlight one Seattle Fun Fact every day and share that with you on Facebook. (We’ll also update it weekly on our blog, in case you miss it.) 


We might share an interesting event in a local neighborhood or an easy trick to get the most out of your time in the Pacific Northwest. Or maybe, we’ll go behind-the-scenes to a local attraction that you claim is “just for tourists.” (P.S. Nothing is just for tourists! Do you know how many times we’ve heard, “I’ve lived here my whole life and never had so much fun!”) And maybe, just maybe, we’ll let you in on the hidden gems and secret places that we’ve found interesting in our 15 years in Seattle.


If you’ve been on a Duck tour, you might have heard some of these useful and entertaining Seattle Fun Facts before, but if not, we hope that one day, we’ll see you on a Duck and you can whisper to your neighbor, “I knew that!” 


We hope you enjoy! We’ll post our first Seattle Fun Fact tomorrow!

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