13 Chinese Journalists Get a Taste of Seattle area During Visit to Prompt Tourism

Thirteen Chinese journalists who departed Monday after a five-day Puget Sound stay came for a lot more than Washington wine, and local officials say showing off the state to to journalists can influence thousands of other travelers to come visit and spend money.

Jack Broom, Seattle Times staff reporter, writes about the adventures of 13 Chinese writers, editors and photographers were on a “familiarization tour” for overseas journalists hosted jointly by Washington State Tourism, Seattle’s Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Port of Seattle.

Riding “the Duck,” the amphibious World War II landing craft that takes riders around town and into Lake Union, was a big hit. “We thought a bus was coming to pick us up,” Liu said, “When all of a sudden, with the horn blowing and pop music going, a Duck boat appeared in front of us. … It was hilarious.”

Click here for the entire article published on Tuesday, November 3, 2009.

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