Maintenance Team & Guest Services Team

Maintenance Team

Our Maintenance Team

The “Duck Nest” (as it’s affectionately called) is where our team of full-time maintenance technicians brings our fleet of WWII amphibious vehicles to life. We are continually performing preventative maintenance and inspecting the Ducks to ensure that the highest standards of safety by both the DOT and the USCG are exceeded. Our first priority is to ensure that our vehicles are the safest on Seattle’s roads and in the water.

Led by our Fleet Maintenance Manager and our Shop Foreman, our team of heavy-duty mechanics works hard to keep our Ducks on the road and in the water and our guests safe.

Customer Service Team

Our Guest Services Team

If you’ve been on the Ducks, you’ve seen our team: white polo, tan khakis, smile on their face and a Quacker around their neck. From making reservations to taking tickets, offering suggestions on what to do or where to eat in Seattle (and even how to get there!), our 25+ Guest Services Team Members are the best in the business. They are constantly striving to ensure that you can simply sit back and enjoy the greatest experience in Seattle!

Led by our Guest Services Manager, this team plays a huge role in our success, especially during the summer. The sun only shines for so many months in Seattle before we go back to enjoying the rain and the clouds. (If you’re not from here, you won’t get it – but we Seattle-ites actually like the rain!) During the summer, we are thankful to be busy helping hundreds of thousands of people get on a Duck for the most fun tour in Seattle! Managing this volume of people in a short amount of time requires a great attitude, patience and strength under pressure!

Need reservations? Lost a camera? Have questions about which location is best for you? Our Guest Services Team is here to help. 206.441.DUCK(3825)