Amphibious Ex-Army Vehicle: A Travel Blogger Shares Her Experience in Seattle

Shared via TravelPod: jennykelly‘s trip to Seattle

We were up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready for another day of sightseeing in Seattle. Melissa had advised us to do the Duck ride, so we booked that first thing when we arrived into town. It was a wild thing, the vehicle is a modified ex-army amphibious vehicle, Guns taken out, seats installed. The Captain, Captain Lunachick, was a very animated young lady, with a different hat and piece of music for every occasion. She had us singing YMCA and dancing the Saturday Night Fever dance from our seats. There were no windows, so plenty of room to spread our wings. After the city tour, Captain Lunachick took us down the boat ramp and into the water! Wow, this was cool. We cruised through the harbour and saw the floating homes, built on logs many years ago. Washington has lots of trees, so lots of buildings are made of timber

That’s about the best real estate you can get, on the edge of the water in the bay on Lake Union. We had a load of fun during the whole trip and I think the Captain Lunachick managed to break down the inhibitions of most of the passengers. Judging by her handfuls of tips, she was an excellent Captain and tour guide.

For a fun slide show of JennyKelly’s photos from her trip to Seattle, click here!

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