Andy Waywego

July 16, 2019


Seattle Tour Guide Andy Waywego


Andy Waywego grew up in Indiana and lived there most of his life, but since moving to WA with his wife 3 years ago, he’s never looked back! Andy LOVES marine mammals (especially whales) and mountaineering- and do you know what they don’t have in Indiana? Either of those! That’s why he thinks Washington State is the bee’s knees, and wants to let every guest know about all the cool things they can do here.

Andy’s favorite part of being a Tour Guide is telling interesting stories to people who haven’t heard them yet- especially about Seattle area entrepreneurs like Paul Allen, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Bill Boeing, John Nordstrom, and more.

His most interesting, personal story: “My wife and I love Adam Sandler and his movies. We communicate mostly with quotes from his movies like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. Our wedding had an Adam Sandler movie theme. The song selection was exclusively songs from his movies, and the best part was appearance of a giant penguin (like in Billy Madison) that surprised us on the dance floor at the reception.”

As you can imagine, being a tour guide at Ride the Ducks is a ton of fun and you get to listen to a lot of great music. Our Quackmasters of Fun have compiled a Spotify playlist of some of their favorite songs that you might hear on your Duck Tour.

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