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Average Speed Boat Cost – 2023 Updated Prices

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

average speed boat cost

The need for speed is always the initial factor affecting the purchasing decision of people interested in high-performance vessels. Still, the speed boat price is worth considering as it is much higher than regular boats.

If you’re looking for an affordable high-performance watercraft, the question of “How much is a speed boat?” may come up quite frequently. Generally, the average speed boat cost is around $20,000. But depending on the size and model, the price of speedboats can reach up to $50,000.

Hence, in this post, I will cover all information related to the recent ​​average speed boat price, elements influencing the cost as well as other knowledge to help boaters buy a speed boat at a good price.

More tips on selecting an affordable speedboat will be highlighted throughout the article, so please stick with us until the end!

The Standard Speedboat Cost: 2022 Updated Price List


Depending on the types and conditions of the vessel you aim to purchase, cost can vary. No matter if your boat is a fishing boat or a power boat, a used speed boat or a new one, there will always be a standard price for all of them.

In this part, I will provide the list of speed boat prices that are recently published based on their types and models:

1. The cost of inboard and outboard motor speed vessels

Speed boats are divided into two types: inboard motor and outboard motor.

An Inboard speed vessel, similar to your automobile, has the engine within the body of the craft.

Meanwhile, the engine of an outboard speed craft is located outside the vessel’s interior, on the water.

Due to the difficulties during the maintenance process, inboard speed vessels are pricier than outboard ones. This is also because accessing the motor or vessel components is more challenging.

You’ll also notice that inboard engine speed crafts have less space since the propeller requires a large amount of floor area. Inboard speed vessels, on the other hand, travel faster than outboard speedboats.

So, how much is a speed boat? A basic outboard speedboat model may be purchased at $20,000, but the exact price tag can be lower or higher depending on its condition. Meanwhile, the costs for an inboard speed vessel are significantly more expensive.

2. 2023 updated speed boat prices

To help you select the suitable speed vessel for your budget, I have come up with the following list that features a wide range of options, from the cost of average speed crafts to luxury speed boat price. Study the list carefully to make a wise purchase!

  • Chaparral Boats 210 Suncoast 2018 model

Despite the cost up to $40,000, this boat model is still very popular thanks to its reliability. Chaparral 210 Suncoast is a 20-foot powerboat ideal for angling, water activities, as well as other water sports. With a strong motor of 150 to 200 HP, you can perform many tasks. It is also feasible to enhance the speed while cruising.

Due to its contemporary design, there is plenty of room for permanent seating. Its cockpit will undoubtedly wow you! Aside from having a lot of room, the many storage sections make it easy to secure your belongings.

  • Bayliner 170


This vessel only costs $18,000, which I believe is a reasonable price for a speed boat. It’s a high-powered outboard boat with more than enough speed for sailing, fishing, and the occasional voyage with family.

On a bright day, a young family can travel on it thanks to its 17-foot length. The interior decoration is extremely fantastic since it is created for pleasure.

If you check at the materials used in this speed watercraft, you will see that it is really durable. It features a 90 HP engine that can be upgraded to 115 HP, which makes the boat suitable for water activities.

  • G3 Boats Bay Series 18, model 2019


If you are looking for a less expensive vessel model than the Chaparral, the Bay 18 series from the famous boat branch, G3 Boats Bay, can be a great option. The price for this vessel is slightly below $29,000, with a standard retail rate of roughly $23,600.

The Bay 18 series is furnished with a 90-HP Yamaha outboard motor. However, the watercraft is only 18 feet long, shorter than some vessels mentioned in the list. The beam of G3 Bay 18 is measured at 7′ 3″.

  • G3 Boats Bay Series 20, model 2019

The Bay 20 series is the next model in the G3 Bay Boat family. This watercraft is slightly more epensive than the Bay 18 model, with an estimated sale price of around $33,700.

In the retailing market, the boat is available for sale at the cost of $27,600. The vessel is 2o feet in length nd powered by a 115-HP Yamaha outboard motor.

There are many more expensive and high-end speed vessels with luxury amenities available in the market. If you are interested in these water vehicles, please check out this video below about the newest and most luxurious speed yachts in 2023:

Additional Costs on a High-performance Vessel


In this part, I’ve outlined a few extra costs that you’ll need to cover after you’ve finished buying your boat. Examine them to discover whether you can truly afford to acquire a boat.

  • Mocking/Docking fee

You will need to rent a harbor location to berth your speed vessels. Before you acquire a boat, you need to inspect the local marina to determine what the charges are. This will give you an estimate of how much the watercraft will charge you even though it isn’t in use.

Docking spaces often range between $100 and $500 per month, depending on the place you reside and the size of your vessel. You can also consider paying these fees on a yearly basis, which would cost between $1,000 and $10,000 each year.

  • Buying a trailer

Although parking your watercraft at the marina might cost you between $2,000 and $10,000 each month, boaters can acquire a trailer within the same cost range. Still, a boat trailer isn’t a very wise option as it’s only suitable for small speed boat models.

  • Fuel and insurance cost

In terms of gasoline, if you want to use the boat once per week, you’ll pay $1200-$1500 each month, or around $15,000 per year. That’s a great deal of money when you consider purchasing a speed vessel as a one-time expenditure.

Also, having your watercraft insured before traveling for leisure reasons is the greatest way to guarantee owner’s advantage. Depending on the style and size of your powerboat, a basic insurance policy might cost you between $100 and $500 per year.


Buying a speed vessel is similar to purchasing a car. There are so many factors and additional elements that can affect an average speed boat cost. Hence, by studying this article carefully, boaters can understand the latest prices of some popular powerboats, as well as other fees that can be charged while owning a speed watercraft.

I hope that this post was helpful to your boating experience! Did you enjoy the article? Do you want to add anything else? Please let me know and leave a comment below.

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