Ben D. Rulz

Captain Ben D. Rulz

As the son of a son of a sailor, Captain Ben D. Rulz has always looked toward the sea when seeking adventure. A water lover from the beginning, he was practically born with webbed feet; making it easy for him to obtain his SCUBA certification by the age of 13. After spending a year in Okinawa courtesy of the United States Marine Corps, it has been his life’s journey to make it back someday, at least to visit if not to settle permanently. While searching for the boat that will carry him back out across the high seas, this San Francisco Bay Area native heard the whale song of the Pacific Northwest and migrated north to Seattle almost three years ago. Until he sails away to more exotic locales, Captain Ben is more than happy to carry folks out onto Lake Union, sharing his love of the water on a much smaller scale.

As you can imagine, being a tour guide at Ride the Ducks is a ton of fun and you get to listen to a lot of great music. Our Quackmasters of Fun have compiled a Spotify playlist of some of their favorite songs that you might hear on your Duck Tour.


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