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The Best Boat Covers for Outdoor Storage

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

best boat cover for outdoor storage

Boats are an expensive investment and it’s no wonder that owners worry about them even if they’re in storage. When the sailing season is over, you need the best boat cover for outdoor storage. What does it do?

For your information, this item keeps a boat safe from motor malfunctions, color fading, furniture damage, and other issues that may arise from exposure to outdoor elements. Here’re some factors to look out for when choosing a good product:

  • A proper fit – It entails measuring the length of your boat from the center of the stern to the tip of the bow, and the width, excluding bumpers and other removable accessories. Check to see if the cover is intended for which boat size by looking up the size chart.
  • Materials – It’s best you purchase a 600D canvas cover with coatings to withstand UV rays and water intrusion well. Make sure to check the warranty to see if the product is of good quality and suitable for long-term use.
  • Sufficient accessories – Indeed, straps, storage bags, and other tools are essential for installation and storing the cover. Make sure the brand offers you everything you need.

Be aware of the various sizes and shapes of boat covers and select the one that fits your boat. The reliable boat covers are in the following list. Feel free to check out the detailed buying guide to know more about these important protective pieces for your boat.

Top 6 Boat Cover for Outdoor Storage Reviews

1. MSC Heavy Duty 600D Marine Grade Polyester Canvas

The protective attributes of this boat cover made it stand out among other boat covers for trailering. It’s made of medium-weight, marine-grade polyester canvas with double stitches and several adjustable straps. There’s a double PU coating to strengthen the cover further. I can easily handle and cover my bowrider because it’s not bulky.

I’ve learned from this product that thickness is not always the basis of a reliable boat cover. This is not too thick, but rain, snow, ice, and cold weather can’t get into my boat, so it remains dry. Hence, I don’t worry about when I leave my boat outside.

Also, heat and even direct sunlight can’t make this cover fade. It experienced a few storms and was exposed to trees and bird poo. No tears and stresses have appeared after three years of use. Even the straps have shown toughness. Thus, boat owners can’t go wrong using it for long-term storage.

I spent the least amount on this boat cover, but this lasts the longest. It makes sense to say that it’s the boat cover for the money. Moreover, it’s like Seamander boat covers, but it’s more affordable.

Aside from storage, we can use it for mooring and traveling. A 2-year limited warranty is available. This has exceeded the warranty period as it’s been serving me and my boat for three years.

We can put it in the free storage bag when not in use. Indeed, we need a support pole system to be paired with it.
  • A durable marine-grade polyester canvas with double stitches
  • A medium-weight cover, more lightweight than standard pieces
  • A double PU coating to block elements
  • Can be used for mooring and traveling
  • Availability of 2-year limited warranty and free storage bag
  • Requires a stable pole to prevent water pooling
Since it’s made of marine-grade polyester canvas, it’s the ideal cover for outdoor storage. It can withstand any weather conditions in the long run.

2. iCOVER Trailerable Boat Cover

The design of this iCOVER boat cover fits much better than other watercraft storage covers. These boat covers fit like a glove, even with the teak taffrails at the back and high bow rails.

I’ve been using them for a year now, and I can say that the canvas fabric used for these covers is durable. It comes with a UV-resistant finish on the PVC coating that blocks water intrusion well.

Notably, the dual strap system is a great help to obtain a strong fitted bottom. I usually let my boats stay outdoors for several months with these covers, and nothing goes wrong.

Moreover, this boat cover can be on road trips as it can handle highway speed well. The straps and buckles hold tightly during the trips. I also like the extra padding and thickness on areas that cover the bow, windshield, and swim platform. Some loose threads are found on the double-stitched areas, but they don’t get in the way of covering.

This cover blocked light rain, leaves, and dust during the long periods my boats stayed outdoors. A few wind and rain storms have come, but water pooling wasn’t an issue.

 It doesn’t snow much in my area, so this boat cover serves me well. However, I must say that it can’t bear weight like a pile of snow.
  • Fits like a glove, with different sizing available
  • Durable canvas material with a PVC coating to resist UV rays and water
  • Can handle highway speed, withstand wind storms and rain storms
  • Has extra padding on the parts to cover the bow, windshield, and swim platform
  • Holds tightly during trips with strong straps and buckles
  • Some loose threads on the double-stitched areas need redoing
 I can guarantee this is an efficient everyday outdoor boat cover during the sailing season. Besides, it works well for trailering.

3. Leader Accessories Solution Dyed Boat Cover

To my surprise, this premium design is indeed a waterproof boat cover. The thick, solution-dyed fabric, sewn straps, and buckles are all of excellent quality. Its waterproof feature makes it a perfect winter boat cover.

Based on my experience, the straps are enough as long as we tie them in the right places without needing supporting poles. But a support system must be added to prevent pooling.

After a terrible snowfall, pooling on this cover occurs, but it ends up solidifying into huge ice chunks. It was my fault because I didn’t add poles but it’s not a problem. Even though the ice melted when the weather became warm, my boat was dry without any damage.

There are two vents on the rear end, so ventilation is established. These parts clear all my worries about molds and mildew formation while my boat is in storage.

I must say that they put a lot of thought into the locations of long straps and buckles. They’re perfect because they fit the whole frame of the boat without displaying any stress. I’m only bothered by some tie-downs that are too long. Its 15-ft length requires a lot of wrapping and tying when covering a 4-ft bow.
  • Waterproof as it keeps the boat dry despite pooling and snow
  • Has two vents on the rear end for ventilation
  • Prevents mold and mildew from forming
  • Long straps and buckles for fitness without display of stress
  • Sturdy even without supporting poles
  • Some tie downs are too long, thus requiring wrapping and tying
This premium product proves to be waterproof and functional. Heavy snow may fall, but it keeps my boat dry without supporting poles.

4. Budge B-601-X8 Runabout Boat Cover

The Budge boat cover has high quality and stretchy cords, which are surprising for its affordability. I didn’t expect the heavy 600 Denier polyester for its low price. In addition, I was even more astonished that it fits perfectly on my 26-ft boat.

We may put some pieces of wood under the cover if we want to stretch the part that lies on the stern. It’s best to size up if we have a boat with a round bow. Take note of this tip to prevent getting one that’s a bit shorter for the boat.

Vessels are in various shapes, so those that don’t have a center console or trolling motor may get more length from this cover. I appreciate the extra width to cover the Bimini top when lying down, boat motor, or trolling motor. There’s a foot-wide swimming deck on my boat, but I can fold it, so there’s an extra cover for cinching the straps tightly.

Aside from high-quality fabric and elasticity, this is a heavy-duty boat cover. Whenever it rains, the water just rolls down the cover even without a pole system. It also survives rain storms with the boat still dry. This part impresses me a lot!

We don’t need to add support to ensure protection for the low spots of the boat. However, some boat owners may need to add more tarp clips. All in all, it keeps my boat continuously protected when placed outside.
  • Has quality and elastic 600 Denier polyester and stretchy cord
  • Fits well to cover a 26-ft boat
  • Has extra width for Bimini top, boat motor, trolling motor,
  • Comes with a foldable swimming deck
  • Doesn’t allow pooling even without a pole system
  • Some boat owners need to use more tarp clips
I can’t ask for more from this boat cover. It fits my boat well, so it’s protected even when placed outdoors. I don’t have to doubt its waterproof ability as it can survive several rain and storms.

5. AngLink Heavy Duty Waterproof Boat Cover

I am not worried about harsh weather due to the top-quality 600D marine-grade polyester canvas and excellent craftsmanship of this boat cover. As a boat enthusiast for all my life, I can attest that storing an aluminum boat outside is so secure.

The next thing I’d like to applaud is the cover’s straps which are not just some kind of rope but long and sturdy enough for the whole boat.

I should also say that this can be the leading brand among center console boat covers. My boat is not a run-about but a console , yet this cover fits so well.

In addition, it’s long enough to even lap over the trailer’s front side, outboard motor, and trolling motor. Its strength and durability follow all at once with no shortcoming in its length. The hems are strong and stretchable, so there’s no need to add straps when we just let our boat sit outside under fair weather.

Kudos to the fabric used for this boat cover as well as the seams that are well-sealed with double stitches. When I didn’t put any poles, there was pooling on it. But I was delighted to see my boat in a dry state even when the water sat on the cover for almost a day.

The cover is heavy type, so installation may take longer than expected. Simple instructions from the manufacturer could have been helpful. Details like an indication of the front part, how to put the straps around the trailer’s frame, and buckling back up to itself can make installation easier.

Nonetheless, I like the free web storage bag.
  • Made of quality 300D materials and excellent craftsmanship
  • Has long and sturdy straps
  • A good center console boat cover
  • Strong and stretchable hems
  • With well-sealed, double-stitched seams
  • Keeps the boat dry despite pooling
  • With a free web storage bag
  • Installation takes quite some time since it’s on the heavy side
A boat cover should be nothing but durable and waterproof, just like what Anglink has made.

6. Ogrmar Heavy Duty Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover

This is the ideal 17-foot boat cover that I’ve ever bought. I live in the sunny southern state, and my boat has been dry since I’ve used it. Due to its 600D marine-grade polyester canvas with PVC coating, it’s a sun-proof and waterproof boat storage cover!

We will never run out of adjustable straps which promote fitness. They block the wind from sneaking under and displacing the cover. I bought one for my dad’s old boat, which fits well, just like it does with the latest boat models. Thus, it’s safe to say that it suits every boat form.

Because of the elastic bottom edge, a snug fit is attained. So, we don’t have to worry about wind making the cover flap. Furthermore, putting this cover on the boat and when we take it off is so easy. Hence, removal in daily usage is not a problem.

On the other hand, it’s also great for long-term storage since the waterproofing ability is pretty good. There’s no chance for the water to damage the boat. Since it’s relatively thicker and sturdier than the covers with a higher price than we can find in stores, moisture has no way of getting into my boat.

I can’t say anything bad about this boat cover because it does its job well by protecting my boat against water, moisture, and sun. But I must say that it’s a big plus if it’s reinforced with windshield corners.
  • 600D marine-grade polyester canvas PVC coating for sun and waterproof
  • Comes with adjustable straps to fits any boat form, even the older models
  • Has an elastic bottom edge for a snug fit
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Thick and sturdy compared to standard cover
  • Could have been better if it was reinforced with windshield corners
It can withstand rain, water, sun, and moisture, so the boat is well-kept outdoors. Also, it has a snug fit on my boat. Thus, it’s a complete package!

What is Boat Cover for Outdoor Storage / How Does It Work

A boat cover for outdoor storage maintains integrity and prolongs the longevity of a vessel. It’s an essential item for boat owners, especially those who don’t have a garage, barn, or storage building for their boats.

Too much exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, and wind can compromise the boat’s finishing and components. With a reliable boat cover, oxidation and moisture are prevented. It’s also crucial to look for boat covers for boats on lifts or trailers.

When driving with your boat through a construction site or dirt road without a cover, particles that are hard to remove can easily stick to them. A boat cover can save you from other unpleasant things when your boat is on the road.

For instance, it won’t be easy for thieves to inspect what’s underneath the cover. A cover that snugly fits won’t let animals like cats find an entrance so they can spray your boat with their urine. As you can see, a boat’s cover is beneficial in many ways and in different circumstances.

Types of Boat Cover for Outdoor Storage

Here are the types of boat covers for outdoor storage that you can choose from.

Universal fit cover

This is the most affordable boat cover for outdoor storage you can find on the market. It’s the choice of most boat owners as it fits various boat styles and any size range.

Although it can’t provide a custom fit, it can protect your boat from harmful elements. But it’s not recommended when you take your boat for longer trips. It may not withstand highway speed.

Semi-custom cover

Compared to a custom cover, a semi-custom has a lower price. It’s crafted to fit a specific boat style with an emphasis on width and length dimensions. This cover is made for tighter cover, better fitting, and affordability. However, there is still free sizing to match models and boats with the same hull style.

Custom cover

It’s more expensive than the previous types of boat cover but it has the best fitness among them. The design aims to fit a boat model and make it in a particular year. Also, the boat’s accessories like swim platforms are given attention when customizing a boat cover.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Boat Cover


The benefits of having the top-tier boat cover for outdoor storage:

  • Easy access to your boat

Even though your boat has a cover, it’s easy for you to access it. For instance, you can just uncover your boat if you left something in your boat before winterization. Hence, boat covers for winter storage are more convenient than shrink wrap. The installation is a one-and-done task.

  • No mold and mildew

Since most boat covers for outdoor storage have breathable fabric, molds and mildew won’t likely form.

  • Provide protection

Your boat is protected from harsh sunlight when placed outdoors if it has boat cover. As you know, prolonged exposure to the sun can leave some parts cracked and faded. A good boat cover can repel water from getting into your boat.

It also keeps dust, dirt, twigs, leaves, and other particles from getting your boat dirty. Animals won’t have a chance to search on your boat and make a mess.


The universal boat cover can sometimes run short. To reverse this drawback, make sure that you have the correct measurements of your boat. Some comments from other users are helpful too.

Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a boat cover, take note of these things.

  • Size

Proper fitting is linked to the cover size. If the cover is smaller, it won’t fully cover the boat. Thus, your boat is not protected against sun, rain, snow, and pests. A steel tape is an ideal tool to find your boat’s length. The measurement begins from the center of the stern up to the bow’s tip.

The boat’s length includes the motor or its legs and other objects around the stern. You sometimes need to consider the manufacturer’s upgrades or accessories in this matter. The aftermarket extensions are also important. However, don’t mind about rails, seats, and windshields in the measurement.

You have to get the width as well. It’s an easier process than measuring the length. You have to find the widest point of your boat with the exclusion of bumpers and other removable items.

  • Accessories

Accessories like extra straps and a storage bag are great. More straps allow you to work on a snug fit. When the cover is not in use, you can appreciate the free bag as you won’t worry about where to place it. Some boat covers come with a support pole system that can prevent pooling.

  • Water-resistant

A water-resistant boat cover is what every boat owner wants. Moisture comes in different forms such as snow, rain, fog, and even drink spillage. If you let moisture inhabit your boat, you’ll end up repairing damages. Therefore, it’s best to have a waterproof boat cover to guarantee protection against moisture or liquid.

  • Against the wind

A snug fit is crucial so the cover won’t be blown by the wind. Being ripped and torn is another consequence when there are strong winds. But a quality boat cover won’t be budged.

Apart from being attentive to the material used to make the boat cover, you have to look at the provided support system. You’d need buckles, straps, and locks with the cover to ensure that it stays in place.

  • Installation

The easy way to install is having a boat coat with adjustable straps and quick-release buckles. A lock and buckle system works with semi-custom covers. If you’re on a budget, it’s fine to go with the classic rope system.

  • Warranty

Reputable companies offer warranty to their boat covers for a minimum of 30 days or up to 5 years. It’s a sign that you can depend on the product’s quality.

Care and Maintenance

No matter how tough your boat cover is, it still needs maintenance to make it last.

  • You can use a mixture of mild soap and water to clean and scrub the fabric of a boat cover. The best time to do it is on a sunny day.
  • You may need to prepare a soft-bristled brush for some spots with tough stains.
  • After working with the soap mixture, rinse with water, and you can let the cover dry under the sun. It’s best to put it in an inclined area, so the extra water rolls off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you cover your boat in the winter?

Yes, you should cover your boat in the winter so no rust and mildew can form. This is an assurance that your boat is in good condition when the spring comes.

How much does a boat cover cost?

The price of the boat covers is affected by the quality of material, workmanship, overall cover size, and whether it’s custom-made or universal. The custom-made boat cover can cost up to a thousand dollars.

However, there are variations as a custom cover for a Jon boat can only be for $50. The prices of top-quality universal covers start from $50 to $300. These covers can fit boats with a length of 17 to 24 feet.

What is a good thickness for a boat cover?

Denier is the term used to label the thickness of the fabric. 300 to 600 Denier is a good range which can stand long trips.

How do you prevent mildew under a boat cover?

To easily prevent mildew under a boat cover, you have to buy one with a mildew-resistant fabric. But you have to ensure that your boat is ventilated while in storage by using solar fans. Pooling should also be prevented by adding supporting poles. Some water may get into your boat if it stays on the cover for a long time.

How long does a boat cover last?

Depending on its material and construction, a boat cover can last up to 10 years. However, some standard piece, under frequent use, can only last for a year or two before requiring replacement.


One of your responsibilities when owning a boat is to find the best boat cover for outdoor storage. As an expensive investment, you don’t want your boat to get damaged and be depreciated in no time.

Once you have a reliable cover, your boat is protected from the sun, rain, snow, dirt, and other particles. You won’t worry about moisture or other things that can damage your boat while in storage.

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