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5 Best Boat Manufacturers and Brands – 2023’s Finest

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

best boat manufacturers and brands

The best boat manufacturers and brands are the epitome of watercraft technological excellence. These companies are at the top of their game and continue to push the boundaries of innovation to cater to the growing diverse needs of modern boaters.

It’s a toss-up between Bertram and Boston Whaler for the top spot, with Chaparral and Sea Ray still hopeful of the chance to dislodge the leaders from the summit.

Join us in learning more about these boat companies to help you decide the best boats to buy.

Top Boat Manufacturers and Brands


Unsurprisingly, many aspiring owners wonder who makes the best boats. Which company produces the vessel equivalent of a Lamborghini or Ferrari, and which one offers the dependability of Toyotas and Mitsubishis?

We searched the internet and asked seasoned boaters what they believe are the best watercraft manufacturers and brands. Here’s our short but juicy top 4 boat brands list.

1. Bertram

The 1958 Nassau-Miami Power Boat race saw the birth of a legend. With its deep V hull, Bertram boats outclassed other brands of speed boats at the event.

And although Bertram has a limited offering compared to other popular boat manufacturers, it remains one of the most beloved and trusted. These boats are exceptionally versatile. Vessel owners can enjoy fishing, entertaining guests, or simply living off the water’s bounty.

Bertram yachts are a dwarf among mega yachts, but their features and amenities can surpass even the priciest boat at the marina. Bertram has a singular focus on excellent craftsmanship to deliver impeccably high-quality watercraft.

  • Model 35 – The sea might be unforgiving, but this deep sea-fishing boat can handle the roughest waters Mother Nature can stir. It’s one of the top fishing boat brands featuring a Kevlar stake and centerline reinforcements, a spacious cabin, and smart storage.


  • Model 60 – This yacht is Bertram’s high-end offering, with a stylish interior and a sport scar-like vibe at the controls. Its main deck provides a 360-degree sweeping view of the environs, while the console features only the latest navigation technology with customizable touchscreen programs.


Unsurprisingly, Model 60 is one of the best choices for saltwater adventures.

2. Boston Whaler

Not to deride the Titanic, but Boston Whaler’s “unsinkable” foam core hull design is a marvel few major boat brands can replicate. These boats feature thoughtfully-engineered and fully optimized engine configurations. They allow families and individuals to pick the right setup for their needs.

The best part is Boston Whaler boats don’t cost that much. Its innovative features, excellent craftsmanship, and reliable performance give these watercraft unparalleled value for the money.

Boston Whaler continues to wow the boating world with its ingenious creations without detracting from the boat’s classic look and vibe. The company’s vessels are perfect for fishing enthusiasts, pleasure boating-loving families, and water sports adventurers.

  • Realm 350 – Three 350-HP Mercury Verados power this 35-foot luxury fishing vessel. It’s the perfect marriage of confident performance and maximum comfort, underscoring Boston Whaler’s penchant for impeccable boat building aesthetic, design, and construction.


The boat is uber-quick and nimble while guaranteeing comfort and safety at low speeds.

  • Outrage 240 – This model addresses many concerns about center console boats, including privacy and ugliness.


Unlike other offerings from good boat brands, the Outrage never reneges on its promise of delivering a vessel for the 21st-century angler and his family, thanks to its raised casting area and enormous iceboxes.

Unsurprisingly, many enthusiasts consider this one of the best brands of fishing boats.

3. Chaparral

You don’t need an expensive boat to enjoy fishing, taking your family on a pleasure cruise, or even towing a tube full of kids. Moreover, a watercraft doesn’t need a hefty price tag to guarantee exceptional performance, remarkable stability, and optimum comfort on the water.

Chaparral has these attributes to a tee. It’s one of the most reliable boat manufacturers, delivering high-quality vessels at entry-level prices. The company has offered exceptional boats since its inception in 1965, including a tri-hull design.

Like Boston Whaler and Bertram, Chaparral never forgets its roots. The brand maintains excellence in its boatbuilding processes while incorporating ultra-modern design concepts and technologies for the demanding 21st-century boater.

  • Sunesta 244 – The Swiss Army knife of Chaparral vessels, the Sunesta 244 is a sight to behold and a marvel to drive.


Its extra-wide boarding platform is perfect for fishing, while the bowrider-like silhouette can make this boat compete with more powerful and agile vessels. It’s a boat that never backs down from rough waters.

  • Signature 310 – Two 260-HP MerCruiser V8s propel this sportscruiser, allowing families, groups, and couples to enjoy a splendid cruise along the coast. Surprisingly compact yet roomy, the Signature 310 is well-loved for its sporty handling, lush amenities, pilot-friendly cockpit, and feature-rich cabin with cooking and dining areas.


4. Sea Ray

Rounding up our best boat manufacturers and brands is the 1959-established outfit, Sea Ray. Although it’s one of the best (I could put it at the top of this list) and most popular boat brands, its hefty price tag puts these vessels beyond the reach of ordinary mortals.

Reviewing various boat brand rankings reveals Sea Ray always lands in the Top 3. It’s a recipient of multiple accolades, including the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Best in Innovation award. The company’s offerings also bagged multiple Product Quality and Editor’s Choice achievements.

Different boat brands have a peculiar system for naming boat innovations. Sea Ray offers the Next Wave, SkyFlow, QuietRide, and Dynamic Running Surface technologies to ensure its vessels continue to blast the competition out of the water.

  • SDX 250 – Available in outboard and inboard versions, the SDX is an innovative and versatile family boat. Its construction is as well-polished as diamond, and its amenities such as the sundeck and bathing platform can rival that of luxurious accommodation.


The boats are user-friendly, and the ride is both sporty and smooth.

  • SLX 350 – Companies don’t make bowriders like Sea Ray. And the SLX 350 is a testament to the brand’s penchant for a decadent aquatic lifestyle. Many boaters argue the SLX isn’t a bowrider, but a top-tier yacht reserved only for the opulent with a taste for unparalleled recreational boating.


This ski boat comes with a submersible swimming platform and the 360-degree Axius steering system for optimal control.

Frequently Asked Questions


Boat categories and specializations

Boating experts categorize vessels into three broad groups:

  1. Motorized – These watercraft have engines of varying types (i.e., petrol and diesel).
  2. Sailboats – Although some sailing vessels have auxiliary engines, all require wind power to move over water.
  3. Human-powered – These boats have paddles, oars, and similar technologies to propel the vessel on the water.

We can also group boats into the following specializations.

  • Fishing (i.e., saltwater and freshwater)
  • Cruising (i.e., day and overnight)
  • Sailing
  • Water sports (i.e., water skiing, wakeboarding, and wake surfing)

What should I consider when buying my first boat?

Knowing the best brands of boats can help you decide which watercraft to buy. You can also consider the following to simplify the selection.

  • Budget for the fuel, gears, fees, insurance, maintenance, and storage
  • New or used watercraft
  • Boat size appropriate for your needs
  • Usage frequency (i.e., daily, monthly, or occasionally)
  • Boater experiences and customer reviews
  • Storage options (i.e., dry outdoor, dry indoor, in-water, or home storage)

How can I determine the right boat size for my needs?

You can determine the right boat size for your needs by considering the following.

  • Boating location – Boats for lakes and other inland waterways are smaller than sea-going variants.
  • Capacity – The number of passengers you intend to carry on a boating trip dictates the right boat size.
  • Storage – Smaller boats are easier to tow from the marina and store in dry storage facilities or in the home. Big watercraft are best for in-water storage.
  • Living space – Small boats might not have sleeping quarters and other living spaces.
  • Intended use – Fishing boats need ample space for gears and live wells.

What are some key maintenance tips for keeping my boat in top condition?

Here is some maintenance advice to safeguard your boat and keep it in top shape.

  • Wash the boat periodically to remove debris and any buildup.
  • Subject the boat engine to an annual professional servicing.
  • Assess the water pump after every engine start to check for problems in the cooling system.
  • Check marine batteries every three months.
  • Evaluate the fuel lines every three months.
  • Check the engine oil level every three to four months and replenish as necessary.
  • Evaluate the propellers for signs of damage or tangled objects.
  • Inspect the hull for leaks, dents, and scratches.

Are there financing options available for purchasing a boat?

Yes, financing options are available for buying a boat. Marine finance companies, credit unions, banks, and boat dealers can offer a sound financing scheme. Alternatively, you can apply for a subprime boat loan, though please note that this method often has prohibitive requirements. 


Bertram leads our list of the best boat manufacturers and brands. Although the company has a limited offering, its vessels are undoubtedly some of the boating world’s most reliable. Meanwhile, Boston Whaler appeals to folks who want an unsinkable watercraft.

Chaparral’s offerings are affordable, yet the quality can rival (even outclass) higher-priced brands. Sea Ray is always in the midst of any ranking of the best boats, despite its hefty price.

Of course, other boat brands exist. However, these four have decades of delivering impeccably well-crafted vessels, industry-shaking innovations, and superb comfort. Now, it’s your pick.

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