When Your Dad Is A Duck Captain…

June 16, 2017
When Your Dad Is A Duck Captain…


Fathers. What would we do without them? They raise us to be strong, they always have a collection of dad jokes waiting to be unleashed (usually at the wrong moment), they love us unconditionally and they pick us up for prom…in a Duck?

Forget limos, forget fancy sports cars. That’s right. Captain Owen Money picked up his son Scott, and his date Zoe, IN A DUCK for one of the biggest nights of their high school experience! So much preparation goes into this all-important event: finding a date, buying the perfect dress or tux, making pre-prom plans and of course, transportation to the venue.


With his son’s permission, Captain Owen Money surprised Scott’s date with a sweet ride to prom—Seattle style! After the initial shock of it all, Zoe was thrilled to hop #onaduck and roll to prom with Scott in one of the city’s most iconic vehicles. Dads are always looking for ways to make their kids happy, even if it embarrasses them a little—and that’s why we love them!


Ride the Ducks of Seattle wishes a Happy Father’s Day
to all the quack-tastic dads out there!


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  1. How awesome is that! A forever memory for sure!

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