Duck Diaries: Volume I – PIER 57

May 12, 2017
Duck Diaries: Volume I – PIER 57

Tour Guides at Ride the Ducks are incredible at their jobs not only because they’re passionate about entertaining all of you, but they truly love the city of Seattle—really, they just can’t get enough! Our Guides are always exploring and constantly on the look-out for new and exciting tidbits to share on their tours. In this enlightening blog series we call Duck Diaries, prepare to follow our Wacky Tour Guide’s adventures and experiences around Seattle—plus get some tips written by none other than the pros themselves!


Meet Captain Beau Dacious—delivering smiles to guests at Ride the Ducks for 8 seasons! He recently visited Pier 57 on the Seattle Waterfront

Troy Duck

PIER 57: Seattle Great Wheel and Wings Over Washington

After walking along the Waterfront in Downtown Seattle, I was ready to soar above it! Two of the newest attractions that reside on the bustling Waterfront are the Seattle Great Wheel and Wings Over Washington.

Seattle Great Wheel Tickets to both attractions can be bought at the same kiosk and since they’re located right next to each other, it made for an easy one-two punch! First up, was the 175 ft. Great Wheel—which by the way makes it the tallest Ferris Wheel on the West Coast! Thankfully, the line was short! I could tell by the serpentine path I took through the ropes that on a nicer day the wait time may be significant.

Seattle Great Wheel2 As I waited for my turn to ride, I wondered if my time on the wheel was going to be based on revolutions or an allotted amount of time. It turned out…(turned out, get it?) that I was guaranteed at least 4 revolutions that lasted about 10-12 minutes. The views were magnificent! Since I was the only person in my cabin built to seat 8, I was constantly switching back and forth to enjoy both the views of the city and the Puget Sound. With the mountains as backdrop, one couldn’t ask for a better ride.Seattle Great Wheel3

If the fear of actual heights is an issue for you, try Wings Over Washington. It’s an immersive 3D-like ride that has you virtually soaring over

Wings Over Washington the city, mountains, streams and fields of beautiful Washington State. From the time the floor literally drops away until the end when you’re wiping away water mist from your face, you will feel like you flew…just like Peter Pan! If you can plan for at least 2 hours on a busy summer weekend in Seattle, give both attractions a try!

Wings Over Washington2

Wings Over Washington3

That’s all for now!


Captain Beau Dacious

Seattle Great Wheel
Adult: $14
Youth: $9
Senior: $12

Wings Over Washington
Adult: $17
Youth: $13
Senior: $15

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