Duck Diaries: Volume IX

January 17, 2019
Duck Diaries: Volume IX

Tour Guides at Ride the Ducks are incredible at their jobs not only because they’re passionate about entertaining all of you, but they truly love the city of Seattle—really, they just can’t get enough! Our Guides are always exploring and constantly on the look-out for new and exciting tidbits to share on their tours. In this enlightening blog series we call Duck Diaries, prepare to follow our Wacky Tour Guide’s adventures and experiences around Seattle—plus get some tips written by none other than the pros themselves!


Meet Ellie Kopter- our enthusiastic Tour Guide who’ll quack you up on land and water- but not in the air like her name suggests! Follow her to Theo Chocolates, where you can take a tour of their chocolate facroty and try endless flavors that will amaze you.

Ellie Kopter

Theo Chocolates

My dad is a frequent visitor to Seattle, so I’m always trying to hunt down unique and cool experiences for us to do while he is visiting. We found that unique and awesome experience in the Theo Chocolate Factory tour!

Theo Chocolates Sign

Located in Fremont, just a few blocks west of our tour route, is the Theo Chocolate Factory. In the mornings when we leave the Duck Nest and head on up to the ticket booth, we can actually smell the chocolate being made, so I’ve been excited to check out the factory tour for a long time!  The cost is just $10 per person for the regular chocolate tours. Children under 5 are not permitted on the regular chocolate tour, including infants in arms and strollers. If you have children under 5 or infants in your group, they do offer kids chocolate story time tours. The tour lasts approximately one hour. Because this is a factory, they do discourage wearing heavy scents, including perfumes and colognes.

Theo CHocolate Factory Tour

The tour is pretty popular so they recommend you make reservations ahead of time on their website. We actually got on the waiting list and were able to get in on a day of tour!

Theo Chocolates Types

The first half of the tour is kind of like a seated presentation. You get to learn about how cocoa beans are grown and processed and basically everything that happens to the chocolate before it becomes chocolate! What I loved is learning about Theo’s organic and fair trade certifications and what that all means. After learning about the farms, the trees and the beans, we moved into the actual factory. You’ll see different machinery in action depending on what is in operation the day you visit, and the tour guide shows videos that let you get an up close and personal view of the process. It was all very interesting and informative!

Theo Chocolates Stages

Then there were the samples. Lets be real, trying the chocolate was why we showed up. And they DELIVERED. The sheer amount of chocolate we got to try was worth the $10. We tried 5 different samples of completed chocolate before going into the actual factory. This included an 85% dark, one of the richest, and deliciously bitter chocolates I had ever tried. Once inside the actual factory, we got to try chocolate at different stages in the manufacturing process, including cocoa nibs! The tour ended in the gift shop, where we got to try two delicious confections. My favorite, a burnt sugar truffle. To top everything off, we got a nice discount so we could take some of our favorites home. I couldn’t help but do a fair amount of my holiday shopping here.

Ellie Kopter Theo Chocolates

Overall, the Theo Chocolate Factory tour was well worth my time and my money. Chocolate lovers will be in heaven. You just might find a new favorite chocolate!


Ellie Kopter

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