Duck Diaries: Volume VIII

December 17, 2018
Duck Diaries: Volume VIII


Tour Guides at Ride the Ducks are incredible at their jobs not only because they’re passionate about entertaining all of you, but they truly love the city of Seattle—really, they just can’t get enough! Our Guides are always exploring and constantly on the look-out for new and exciting tidbits to share on their tours. In this enlightening blog series we call Duck Diaries, prepare to follow our Wacky Tour Guide’s adventures and experiences around Seattle—plus get some tips written by none other than the pros themselves!


Meet Ellie Kopter- our enthusiastic Tour Guide who’ll quack you up on land and water- but not in the air like her name suggests! Follow her to Butchart Gardens, where you can view gorgeous scenery all year long.

Ellie Kopter

Butchart Gardens at Christmas Time


If you are looking for a fun weekend getaway and want to get into the holiday spirit all at once, check out Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada! For most of the year, Butchart is known for it’s spectacular gardens and gorgeous flowers, but for the month of December, the gardens are transformed into a truly EPIC Christmas light display. The photos included in this blog are from our trip in 2017, but we had such a great time we are booking our 2018 trip.


Ellie Kopter Butchart Gardens


You can drive from Seattle to Victoria, but the drive is around 5 hours (depending on traffic) and includes toll roads and a ferry ride, so I think the more convenient way to travel is to take the Victoria Clipper. Booking through Clipper Vacations is definitely the best deal- as thrifty travelers, we price checked booking everything individually and booking everything through Clipper Vacations. Our package included our clipper tickets, hotel, Butchart Garden tickets and a shuttle to the gardens. Very convenient!


Ellie Kopter Butchart Gardens House


The holiday lights were absolutely breathtaking. They do a twelve days of Christmas display, so it was fun for us to count all the lords a-leaping and maids a-milking as we walked through the display. More than 300,000 lights enchanted us. As you walk through you have the opportunity to get yourself a festive hot beverage! We were particularly fond of the eggnog chai lattes. So good.



If you are looking to get some good grub while you are at the gardens they have a lot of delicious options. More casual dining occurs in the Blue Poppy Restaurant, but if you are looking to keep that festive, fancy, holiday cheer going then I recommend going into the Dining Room Restaurant for some afternoon tea. Nothing screams Christmas cheer quite like a hot pot of tea and a warm scone.



Ice skating is a classic Canadian past-time, and you can get your skating fix right inside the gardens. The 5,000 square foot ice skating rink is a great way to get festive and work off the buttery scones you just indulged in!



The lights, the costume carolers serenading you throughout the gardens and festive foods will make you feel as jolly as Santa himself. This is one of my all time favorite day trips from Seattle and is quickly becoming a treasured holiday tradition for my family! Give in to your inner elf and try it yourself!


Ellie Kopter

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