Giving Never Goes Out Of Style

December 27, 2016
Giving Never Goes Out Of Style

Every year we donate more than $10,000 in tickets to non-profit organizations around the Pacific Northwest. Whether we are getting involved in local events, or paying it forward through fun campaigns like Random Ducks of Kindness, Ride the Ducks strives to make Seattle a better place.

This fall we supported the 6th Annual Ride into the Holidays event with the Seattle Monorail and Treehouse, an incredible non-profit organization that provides youth in foster care the opportunities and services to be just as successful in school and in life as any other kid. On November 25th, smiles were put on the faces of hundreds of foster children and their families. They rode the Monorail from Seattle Center with balloon animals in hand, and participated in raffles with awesome prizes. Each family left with a FREE annual membership to the Pacific Science Center and lots of other goodies—how cool is that?

Next stop: Westlake Center! Families walked over to the IKEA Holiday Carousel where they were welcomed with hot chocolate, cookies, and plush toy donations, followed by the tree lighting celebration and—of course—going on a spin around the carousel itself!

This event could not have happened without the generous donations from the Seattle community. The holiday season may be coming to a close, but giving never goes out of style! You can just see the happiness on their faces—check out these photos from the event.







Photos courtesy of Treehouse and Seattle Monorail.

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