Central Library: Seattle’s Most Insta-Worthy Spots

April 4, 2018
Central Library: Seattle’s Most Insta-Worthy Spots

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There’s no denying that Seattle’s unwavering beauty and eccentric quirks create the perfect recipe for impressive Instagram photo opportunities. From famous landmarks, to mouthwatering restaurants, to awe-inspiring public art, Seattle is a photographer’s dream come true! Whether you’re visiting the Emerald City for the first time or you’re a born-and-raised local, we’ve got the list for ultimate IG inspiration as a 10-part blog series!

We’ve shown you Pike Place Market, Lake Union, Capitol Hill and Kerry Park.
Have you ever visited the Central Library in Downtown Seattle? Let’s take a look!


Seattle Central Library

Stylishly dominating an entire block on 4th and 5th Avenue, it’s impossible not to feel awestruck as you approach the Seattle Central Library! The latest renovation opened in 2004 and has since attracted people from all over the world to photograph and explore the inside of this magnificent structure.

Photo by @noah.kreyenhagen

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Take a trip inside and you’ll be inspired by the beauty and quirkiness found around every corner (look for the odd, egg-shaped talking heads as you ascend the escalator!). The library carries over 1 million items, with close to 10,000 shelves devoted to books. Whether you’re there for research or to simply take in the building’s glory—you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for!

Photo by @sarahlasker

Photo by @kenkenzozo

Photo by @spacetravel_xl
Neon escalators snake up the 11-floor building where patrons can browse through the book shelves, lounge in open spaces and access the internet at computer stations. Make sure your camera or phone battery is charged because there are endless opportunities for unique photographs and perspectives!

Photo by @designbysophiejensen

Photo by @joelcarrick

Photo by @andrew_calder
Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas worked with LMN Architects to come up with the design for the innovative and contemporary Seattle Central Library. The glass exterior helps achieve the key concept for the design: openness and transparency.

Photo by @momentofcontent

Photo by @davesphotos.pnw
Be sure to stop off on the 4th floor! The stairs and hallway are covered from floor to ceiling in various shades of red. It’s quite a sight! Neutral-colored meeting rooms exist behind 6 different doors in the Red Hall.

Photo by @jaggedlensart

Photo by @supernova987
Whether you’re inspired by architecture or just traveling your way through Seattle, the Central Library is a must-see!

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