National Rubber Ducky Day 2017

January 19, 2017
National Rubber Ducky Day 2017

Rockin’ dance moves, T-shirt giveaways, and Wacky Quackers all around! That’s how we celebrated National Rubber Ducky Day. How ‘bout you? On January 13th, we partnered with the Seattle Children’s Museum and spent the day honoring our famous yellow friends.
BLOG IMG_1340 jpeg Throughout the afternoon, groups of Wacky Quacker-bearing little ones paraded outside to board the Duck parked near the International Fountain at Seattle Center. They were greeted by Vinnie the Duck himself, along with Captain Bjorn Toorun.
BLOG IMG_1500 jpeg

BLOG IMG_1414 jpeg

BLOG IMG_1362 jpeg After hopping on board, Captain Bjorn Toorun taught the guests about our WWII amphibious DUKW vehicle and pumped up some music for a dance party. We also gave away awesome “Future Duck Captain” T-Shirts for kids to take home. The fun continued inside the museum with ducky-related stories and games.
BLOG IMG_1469 jpeg

BLOG IMG_1431 jpeg

BLOG IMG_1459 jpeg

BLOG IMG_1484 jpeg

BLOG IMG_1518 jpeg

What a great day! Thank you to our friends at the Seattle Children’s Museum and, of course, to all of our Future Duck Captains out there!
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