Pike Place Market: Seattle’s Most Insta-Worthy Spots

October 31, 2017
Pike Place Market: Seattle’s Most Insta-Worthy Spots

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There’s no denying that Seattle’s unwavering beauty and eccentric quirks create the perfect backdrop for impressive Instagram photo opportunities. From famous landmarks, to mouthwatering restaurants, to awe-inspiring public art, Seattle is a photographer’s dream come true! Whether you’re visiting the Emerald City for the first time or you’re a born-and-raised local, we’ve got the list for ultimate IG inspiration as a 10-part blog series!

First up, Pike Place Market!

The Public Market signs offer the most iconic Seattle photo op. Paired with a Starbucks coffee from the original Starbucks or a seriously delicious cup of Beecher’s “World’s Best” Mac and Cheese—there’s no beating this perspective! Catch this view from a Duck!

Photo by @yennwu

Photo by @vikramsinghvirdi

Inside the Market, you’ll find crafty vendors, incredible flower bouquets (for only $5!), fresh fruits, veggies, and seafood! So much to explore. The vibrant colors come together to create a picture-perfect composition.

Photo by @renseattle

Photo by @jkborys

Photo by @montoya_w

Operating since 1907, Pike Place Market was due for an update—and it got one in June 2017! The MarketFront Expansion opened and with it came access to spectacular views!

Photo by @kravetheworld

Photo by @k_wags86

Just south of the Market lies another well-known Seattle attraction: The Gum Wall. Located in Post Alley, this sticky spot got started in the early 90’s, but the wall was steam-cleaned in 2015 (2,350 lbs. of gum was removed!). The sugary stuff began appearing on the wall the same day cleaning was finished. Gross? Maybe. Iconic? Yes.

Photo by @drifters_guide

Photo by @peanutbuttersjelly

The variety of food, entertainment and views that Pike Place Market offers is nothing short of inspiring! Go check it out for yourself!

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