Seattle Neighborhood Spotlights: Fremont

July 1, 2019
Seattle Neighborhood Spotlights: Fremont

If you’ve been searching for the Center of the Universe, just Google it. You’ll find out its right here in Seattle’s very own neighborhood of Fremont! And no, it’s not *just* because Google Maps’ office is in Fremont (ahem, ahem)… obviously it’s because Seattle is the best city around!

You can imagine that a place that calls itself the Center of the Universe would be pretty funky. While we’ll pass through this quirky part of town on our Duck Tour, it’s definitely worth another visit when your tour is over. From delicious food and breweries to waterside views and public art, this neighborhood has endless things to offer.

You may have heard rumors of troll sightings underneath the Aurora Bridge, and we’re here to tell you that he. Is. REAL! But don’t be scared, it turns out he’s pretty nice. The troll appeared in 1990 after a few artists won a competition to replace this former dumping ground with public art. Now it’s a staple to snap a photo with him and check out the cool VW Beetle in his left hand.

The Burke-Gilman Trail is an almost 20 mile-long bike trail that starts in Ballard, Seattle and ends in Bothell, WA. It’s is part of the former Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railway, which Thomas Burke and Daniel Gilman helped build (hence the trail’s name!). Rent a bike and go for a cruise to see local flora and fauna of Washington State.

Waiting for the Interurban

Founded in 1990, this European-style market offers food, antiques, clothes and more from up to 200 vendors (it’s huge!). The best part is that the market is year-round; so rain or shine, winter or summer, you can always check it out. It’s especially great for fun gifts that are sure to remind you and your loved ones of your time in the city.

One thing you can’t miss while cruising Lake Union on your Duck Tour is Gas Works Park. The once working gasification plant is now part of a gorgeous public park whose structures still remain as public art. Grab a picnic blanket for the most unique view of the sunset over the lake and city skyline.

Duck with Gasworks

Do you love nature as much as Washingtonians do? If you’re looking for some new shoes to take you on outdoor adventures, you can check out Brooks Running’s only brick and mortar store at their headquarters in Fremont. Their awesome staff can even analyze your gait to help you find the best shoes for your running style.

Although Seattle is full of public art due to the 1% fund, you’ll notice that Fremont in particular is full of sculptures and monuments. We pass by Waiting for the Interurban, J.P. Patches and The Center of the Universe Sign- but there’s so much more! Walk around for the chance to see Lenin’s Statue, Rapunzel, the Fremont Dinosaurs and whatever else you may happen to discover.

Waiting for the Interurban

All of our city parks are beautiful, but what really stands out about this one? It continues along the north side of the Lake Washington Ship Canal for gorgeous views of the water. Stop and sit on some benches to watch ships go under the Fremont Bridge for a scenic way to pass the day.

  • Food

Just like the neighborhood itself, Fremont’s food and beverage offerings are equally diverse. Try Turkish cuisine at Cafe Turko, handmade soba noodles at Kamonegi, Russian food at Pel Meni Dumpling Tzar and fresh Mexican fare at Red Star Taco Bar. For locally made adult beverages, Fremont Brewing and offers a great selection of beers while Schilling Hard Cider rotates their own taps with ones from other local cideries.

Kamonegi Soba

Fremont is a happening place. Make sure to check out the neighborhood’s calendar of events to see what’s happening while you’re here and enjoy what makes this part of town so unique!

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*Did you know? Some photos that appear on this page are public domain! Neat!

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