Take the Duck Tour Home with Spotify

July 22, 2016

It’s not just the ‘Girls who Wanna Have Fun’ at Ride the Ducks! We had ‘The Time of Our Life’ with you as we ‘Hit the Road Jack’ on the streets of Seattle. ‘Three Little Birds’ told us you danced in your seat, played an air guitar to ‘Purple Haze’ and ‘Shout’ed at the top of your lungs while you toured on Seattle’s #1 city tour, so why let the fun end when your tour does? ‘Rock This Town’ and take your Duck Tour home with you by following SeattleDucks on Spotify!

We channeled our inner ‘Disco Inferno’ to have a ‘Celebration’ of your amazing Seattle Duck Tour. You’ll enjoy classics like ‘Love Shack’ by the B-52s and if you’re single, maybe this playlist will encourage someone to ‘Put a Ring on It’! You’ll hear at least one song that you wished your Wacky Tour Guide never pressed play (‘Chicken Dance,’ anyone?). Regardless of whether you ‘Electric Boogie’d’ to the ‘YMCA’ dance or rolled your eyes, ‘We Got the Beat’ at Ride the Ducks and we want to share it with you. Listen to it in the ‘Car Wash’, listen to it in ‘Margaritaville’, but by all means, listen to it with a ‘Wink and a Smile.’ ‘We are Family’ so hope to be ‘On the Road Again’ with you and soon! In the meantime, get ‘Knee Deep’ in the water somewhere, press play on ‘Kokomo’ and remember, ‘U Can’t Touch This’ compact disc… it’s digital!

Spotify_Icon_RGB_Green 150x150Directions:
1. Download the Spotify app
2. Search “Seattle Ducks”
3. Follow us and enjoy our first playlist: Seattle Duck Tour vol. 1
4. Check back for more to come!

What’s Spotify? Basically, it’s the radio meets the internet, but a lot cooler. It’s a service that allows you streaming access to millions of songs. It started in the ‘Funkytown’ of Stockholm and is taking the music world by a ‘Gilligan’s Island’-esque storm! Download the app on your phone or computer. It’s free for a basic subscription, but if you love it, you can also upgrade on their platform.

P.S. While Ride the Ducks of Seattle was in charge of the puns, jokes and catch-phrases included in this blog post, Ride the Ducks of Seattle is not in charge of any of the fees charged or services and music that Spotify does or does not provide. We just created the playlist for our fans and how, when, why and where you listen to it is up to you and Spotify. Enjoy!