Thank you, Marshawn Lynch

April 29, 2017
Thank you, Marshawn Lynch

Ride the Ducks has been showing locals and tourists the beautiful city of Seattle for the past 20 years and we frequently get involved in local events. From taking Starlight kids from Swedish Hospital to splash into Lake Union or delivering Random Ducks of Kindness to passersby on the streets, we have hundreds of fond memories of celebrating our amazing city.


Front Page of the Sunday Seattle TimesWhen we heard Marshawn Lynch took out a full page ad in the Sunday Seattle Times, there was an immediate buzz as we were instantly transported back to that chilly February day. Who could forget the day when one million 12s from around the city lined the streets to support the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks?

We started talking about all of the Seahawk signs and jerseys, and how many people skipped work and school to celebrate for hours in the cold. We laughed at how the cell towers were overloaded and how we’ve still been meaning to put together the footage into a montage video.

Then Captain Rik O’Shay walked into the office. “All of a sudden, I turned to my right and Marshawn Lynch was there, next to me. Beast Mode was RIGHT THERE! I couldn’t believe it!”


We can’t tell you how many Skittles we found onboard that day (and in the days that followed). Every time we found one, we’d smile at the fun time we shared with the loveable Beast Mode. Seattle will miss you Marshawn, but you’re welcome #onaduck anytime. Thanks for the great memories!




Marshawn in the Super Bowl Parade 2014