Seattle Neighborhood Spotlights: U-District 0

Seattle Neighborhood Spotlights: U-District

Posted by on Sep 4, 2019 in Blog

You know that the University of Washington has to be big if a whole neighborhood is named after it. At almost 50,000 undergraduate and graduate students combined, we’d say that’s big enough and then some! The young population of the University District, also known as the U-District, makes it one of the most happening places to be. You’ll find what you might expect: great bars and restaurants for nightlife, quiet cafés for a place to study, but dig a little deeper and see that there’s so much more. Things To Do in University District Here are some things we recommend you check out if you find yourself in this part of town, both typical and quirky (kinda like one of our tours, huh?): University of Washington There’s a reason people flock to see UW year-round even if they aren’t students… because it’s absolutely beautiful! In the spring, cherry trees line the quad in full bloom. Wander through the Suzzallo and Allen Libraries and feel like you’ve become part of a Harry Potter film. Sit by the Drumheller Fountain and enjoy the weather. You can spend a whole day just exploring the campus. Union Bay Natural Area You’ll be amazed at how far removed you’ll feel from the city in...

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Seattle Neighborhood Spotlights: Ballard 0

Seattle Neighborhood Spotlights: Ballard

Posted by on Aug 2, 2019 in Blog

The history of Ballard is pretty amazing when you consider that William Rankin Ballard (the neighborhood’s namesake) ended up owning the land because he LOST a coin toss. When the land’s four owners dissolved their partnership in 1887, nobody wanted the stretch that contained the railroad. William, who already owned the land next to it, “won” it as the loser… but SURPRISE! This turned out to be an awesome thing! See, railways are an excellent way to bring in and export supplies. Once the neighborhood gained some fame for being where the railroad ended, it filled with mills for production. People flocked to work in these mills after the Great Seattle Fire. Then came shops, families, a marina- and it became the bustling community we know it as today. Things To Do in Ballard Seattle Here are some things to check when you’re in Ballard to get to know it a little better: Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (aka Ballard Locks) and Salmon Ladder Without the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, Lake Washington, Lake Union and the Puget Sound wouldn’t be connected. Since 1917 the locks have made it possible to sail the world and easily end up in two of Seattle’s most beautiful freshwater lakes. In summer, head here to...

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11 Places to Eat Near Ride the Ducks of Seattle 0

11 Places to Eat Near Ride the Ducks of Seattle

Posted by on Jul 16, 2019 in Blog

If you were to ask us about a question we get all the time, you might expect to hear “what exactly will I see on my tour?”, or, “does the Duck REALLY go into the water?” But one thing we get often, especially towards lunch and dinner time, is, “what’s a good place around the Ducks to eat?!” To save you time looking up types of cuisine, reviews and pictures (that last one can get especially distracting), we’ve rounded up 10 great places by our Seattle Center location for a bite to eat. Restaurants Near Seattle Center The Armory at Seattle Center Everyone loves having lots of options, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at The Armory in Seattle Center. The Armory houses around 15 different restaurants that make food fresh and fast, and offers food court style seating. From bubble tea to fish n’ chips, there’s something for everyone in the family! Grecian Corner Greek food by a Greek family while Greek shows play on the television and Greek tunes waft over from the radio… it doesn’t get more authentic than that! At Grecian Corner you’ll find staple dishes like gyros (shaved meat), spanakopita (spinach pie) and avegolemono (lemon chicken soup). We recommend the Greek fries which come...

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Seattle Neighborhood Spotlights: Fremont 0

Seattle Neighborhood Spotlights: Fremont

Posted by on Jul 1, 2019 in Blog

If you’ve been searching for the Center of the Universe, just Google it. You’ll find out its right here in Seattle’s very own neighborhood of Fremont! And no, it’s not *just* because Google Maps’ office is in Fremont (ahem, ahem)… obviously it’s because Seattle is the best city around! You can imagine that a place that calls itself the Center of the Universe would be pretty funky. While we’ll pass through this quirky part of town on our Duck Tour, it’s definitely worth another visit when your tour is over. From delicious food and breweries to waterside views and public art, this neighborhood has endless things to offer. The Fremont Troll You may have heard rumors of troll sightings underneath the Aurora Bridge, and we’re here to tell you that he. Is. REAL! But don’t be scared, it turns out he’s pretty nice. The troll appeared in 1990 after a few artists won a competition to replace this former dumping ground with public art. Now it’s a staple to snap a photo with him and check out the cool VW Beetle in his left hand. Burke-Gilman Trail The Burke-Gilman Trail is an almost 20 mile-long bike trail that starts in Ballard, Seattle and ends in Bothell, WA. It’s is...

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Things to do in Seattle for the 4th of July 0

Things to do in Seattle for the 4th of July

Posted by on Jun 17, 2019 in Blog

It’s easy to look forward to the 4th of July each year. Hot dogs on the grill, kids running through the sprinklers, lighting sparklers in the driveway… it’s always a great time with the family! This year, because the 4th falls on a Thursday, taking Friday (the 5th) off will get you an extra-long weekend. SCORE! If you’ll be in Seattle during this patriotic and sentimental holiday, you’re in luck. We have one of the most highly rated fireworks shows in the nation and plenty of things to do around the city to celebrate. Red, White & Zoo Even lemurs and pigs want to celebrate Independence Day! On June 29th, our furry friends at the Woodland Park Zoo will devour star-shaped popsicles and fruits and veggies in honor of the 4th. Snap photos of these adorable creatures and learn fun facts about what they like to eat and do. 4th of July Pies Pie is a staple at any 4th of July celebration, right? Whether you love apple, blueberry, raspberry or strawberry rhubarb, make this year’s pie the best one yet. You can learn how to create the most buttery pie crust at The Works Seattle where you’ll take home your dough to bake over the weekend. YUM! Seattle...

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Seattle Neighborhood Spotlights: SLU 0

Seattle Neighborhood Spotlights: SLU

Posted by on Jun 7, 2019 in Blog

If you visited Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood just 10 years ago, you wouldn’t believe what it looks like today. After Amazon made this neighborhood its home in 2010, South Lake Union filled with high-rises and new residences. Now, other companies like Google and Facebook have moved in, too. If you want to experience Seattle’s new tech boom while still enjoying some of the city’s most unique history, check out the neighborhood where past meets present by visiting the following: Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) Right on the shores of Lake Union sits the MOHAI, which occupies the former Naval Reserve Training Center. Everything you find in the MOHAI relates to Seattle and Puget Sound history, including Boeing’s first commercial plane and Rainier Brewing Company’s 12-foot tall neon “R” sign. It’s a great way to get a taste of Seattle throughout the decades and you can ask your Duck Tour Guide to point it out onboard! The Spheres The Amazon Spheres were constructed through the concept of “biophilia”: that people have a desire to be around nature. Inside these crazy-shaped buildings, Amazon employees can sit and work around over 40,000 types of plants from 30 different countries! You can visit The Spheres by making ticket reservations every first...

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