Random Ducks of Kindness: Summer Edition! 8

Random Ducks of Kindness: Summer Edition!

Posted by on Aug 1, 2016 in Blog, Promo

It’s time for another edition of Random Ducks of Kindness! This summer, we want you to pay it forward with your Duck Tour ticket. When you ride the Ducks, your ticket could be good for $5 OFF a Duck tour – but, there’s a catch! You have to give the ticket away. We want you to share the fun of the Ducks with a good friend, your barista or even a stranger on the street! Just traveling through Seattle, give it to a concierge at the hotel to give to another guest! Happiness happens when you give it away, check out what we did last summer. Pssst… We’ve also channeled our inner Willy Wonka for a super secret surprise that you can only learn about ON a Duck! We love to support the Seattle community. Each month we donate tickets for our tour to a number of local organizations, but every few months, we like to get our staff involved and do something really fun. During the holiday season, we got dressed up to give away free coffee, donuts, groceries and gasoline to some lucky locals. Last summer, we gave away ice cream, Frisbees, popcorn from our friends at Kukuruzu with a free tour for the local Boys &...

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Take the Duck Tour Home with Spotify

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016 in Blog, Promo

It’s not just the ‘Girls who Wanna Have Fun’ at Ride the Ducks! We had ‘The Time of Our Life’ with you as we ‘Hit the Road Jack’ on the streets of Seattle. ‘Three Little Birds’ told us you danced in your seat, played an air guitar to ‘Purple Haze’ and ‘Shout’ed at the top of your lungs while you toured on Seattle’s #1 city tour, so why let the fun end when your tour does? ‘Rock This Town’ and take your Duck Tour home with you by following SeattleDucks on Spotify! We channeled our inner ‘Disco Inferno’ to have a ‘Celebration’ of your amazing Seattle Duck Tour. You’ll enjoy classics like ‘Love Shack’ by the B-52s and if you’re single, maybe this playlist will encourage someone to ‘Put a Ring on It’! You’ll hear at least one song that you wished your Wacky Tour Guide never pressed play (‘Chicken Dance,’ anyone?). Regardless of whether you ‘Electric Boogie’d’ to the ‘YMCA’ dance or rolled your eyes, ‘We Got the Beat’ at Ride the Ducks and we want to share it with you. Listen to it in the ‘Car Wash’, listen to it in ‘Margaritaville’, but by all means, listen to it with a ‘Wink and a Smile.’ ‘We are...

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