Why we are Wacky!

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Wacky, by true definition, is to be “amusingly eccentric!”  Well said, Webster’s Dictionary!  Here at Ride the Ducks, we strive to be “amusingly eccentric” and it’s our goal to entertain and encourage our guests to find their inner wackiness.  Our Captains want to make sure that you have a Let-Your-Hair-Down, I’m-On-Vacation, No-Work-For-Me-Today time on your tour!  We know there is a time in everyone’s life, when you just have to go out and PLAY! While riding on a Ride the Ducks’ tour, you can enjoy your playtime by singing, quacking, and laughing through the streets of Seattle and on Lake Union! Check out one of our Captains as he rocks with his crew to “Stayin’...

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Captain Sid E. Slicker Joins the Ranks!

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Meet Captain Sid E. Slicker, one of the newest members to our crew of fabulous Captains! If you’ve seen him around here before, it’s because he’s been part of the Ride the Ducks family for several years now. Captain Sid began his journey here at Ride the Ducks working in our ticket booth as a Customer Service Team Member. His hard work and dedication quickly moved him up to an Assistant Manager and now he’s taking his show on the road!  We were ecstatic when he announced his interest in becoming a Captain and now, after weeks of rigorous training, Sid became US Coast Guard-certified and Ride the Ducks-approved to run his first public tour. Man, did he do a great job! You could hear guests singing and laughing as he rolled into our 5th Avenue and Broad Street location! Awesome job! For more information on our Wacky Captains – click here! Captain Sid E. Slicker before his first...

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Captain Rick O’Shay Celebrates 10 Years with Ride the Ducks!

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On April 18th, we celebrated Captain Rick O’Shay’s 10-year anniversary with Ride the Ducks of Seattle! That’s an entire decade of tours, wigs and jokes! Captain Rick has been a great asset to our family and we are lucky he has been with us throughout all these years. We reminisced that when he first started, we had only three Ducks and a teeny, tiny kiosk at the Space Needle! We’ve grown quite a bit since then and Captain Rick continues to provide outstanding tours with rave reviews. We can’t thank him enough for all his hard work. Here’s to another 10 great years, Captain Rick O’Shay! We love you! ...

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What is a Wacky Quacker?

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The Wacky Quacker is a fun way to participate in the Ride the Ducks tour! You may have heard them as you were walking down the street. You may have even “played” the Wacky Quacker yourself! So, what is the Wacky Quacker? The Wacky Quacker is a noisemaker in the shape of a duck bill! It whistles like the sound of a duck call or a kazoo. Throughout the tour, guests “quack” at pedestrians, drivers, and also those feathery friends in which those Quackers got their name. The Wacky Quacker is available for $2.25. It can be purchased when you reserve your tickets or you can pick one up before you depart for your tour. Whether you depart from our Westlake Center location or our main location at 5th Ave and Broad St, don’t forget your Quacker! Check out a Ride the Ducks Customer Service Team Member demonstrating how best to use a Wacky...

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Ride the Ducks in the Community

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From my time sittin’ on top of Ride the Ducks, I’ve learned a thing or two about this city and the people here (Man, are they cool!). Ride the Ducks is proud to be a part of this community and we are even more proud to be able to give back! Throughout the year, we donate gift certificates to hundreds of local organizations to help support their fundraising efforts and events. We are proud to support them, just as they have been so great to us over the past 15 years here in Seattle! In addition to donations, Ride the Ducks’ staff participate in many community events throughout the year. This past holiday season, we sponsored a day of gift wrapping at Pacific Place for The Forgotten Children’s Fund, a volunteer organization that raises money to purchase, wrap and deliver gifts to needy children and their families! Look, from left to right, Tammy (Director of Sales) and Trisha (Director of Marketing) with Captain Claire Buoyant and one of the other volunteers! Gift wrapping for The Forgotten Children’s Fund! For more information about Ride the Ducks in the community and to see some of the organizations we have donated to, click here. Are you connected with an organization looking for...

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Foxtrot Uniform November has Been Approved

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When we interviewed Captain Clem Chowder about a typical day at Ride the Ducks, we were excited to hear that even though each day brings new guests and new stories, Captain Clem’s day starts very much the same way every time: with a great dose of awesome company camaraderie. “Like any other Captain, when I arrive at the Duck Nest in the morning, I look to see my assigned Duck, grab a walkie-talkie and begin my DOT and USCG pre-inspection of my vehicle. As I near the time that I am ready to leave the Duck Nest to head to the Ticket Booth, I start to motivate myself to be ready to show our guests a great time on the tours for the day. The Fleet Maintenance Manager, Joe, puts a smile on my face every morning and helps me get motivated. Just before driving out of the Duck Nest, I signal to a mechanic for help with the last part of the inspection: the infamous “prop check.” Joe, like clockwork, will stop whatever he is doing to walk around to the rear of the Duck, check the propeller engagement and with the low, booming voice of authority, the big man will say “You’re good Hero!” Then, as I...

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