Congratulations to our Director of Operations!

On March 16, 2013, Ryan Johnson celebrated his tenth year with Ride the Ducks! As our Director of Operations, he manages upwards of 80 staff throughout the year and is an integral cog in the Ride the Ducks wheel. He manages our safety programs, trains our Captains and works with our ticket booth staff to ensure successful dispatch of more than 80+ tours during the summer. PLUS, he takes care of all the random projects we have for him in the office! He’s painted over graffiti, hung marketing boards and even kills big spiders for us!

Ryan’s story at Ride the Ducks is unlike most! It started like most college jobs – he was looking for work and a friend was managing our ticket booth at the time. The interview (if you can call it that) was short, on the phone and essentially, a formality. However, on his first day of training, our group sales coordinator (now GM) almost fired him! Mikie now says, “Firing Ryan would have been one of the worst mistakes I’d ever made, but I seriously didn’t think he was paying attention! The other girl was taking copious notes and he was barely acknowledging me. I was shocked the next day when he was selling tickets, making reports and answering all the questions correctly! I couldn’t believe it!” 
Ryan soaks up knowledge like a sponge and over the last ten years, he’s grown immensely in his career and matured in ways we couldn’t have dreamed. He’s been successful with every task he’s been given. From answering customer service questions to training our staff to helping our mechanics maintain the Ducks and even brainstorming with our marketing team, he’s a superb team player and willing to do what it takes to make our team and our company successful.

To celebrate his anniversary, we filled his office with balloons and like a true operations man, he immediately popped them and cleaned up the mess!

He’s one-of-a-kind and we’re lucky that he loves Ride the Ducks as much as we do! Thanks for everything, Ryan! You’re the best!

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