Cooper Visits Ride the Ducks

Cooper, the stuffed travelling dog, came to visit Ride the Ducks yesterday as he and his pack of friends explored and adventured through Seattle to create the next best children’s travel guide!

You too can follow Cooper and his pack of friends as they visit the major cities of the world including London, Paris, New York, Cape Town and coming soon, SEATTLE! Each Cooper’s Pack book features an interactive education and activity section, plus look for hidden secrets or buried bones! Perfect for 4-11 year olds, gifting, education, fun, and anyone who loves traveling – stuffed or otherwise. Remember, traveling stuffed animals have more fun!

Cooper’s Favorite Things Are:
Foods: T-bone steak, milk
Color: Navy blue
Places: Hiking, Pacific Ocean, Grandpa’s house
Books: A Separate Peace
Teacher: Mr. Axling (Geography)
Class: Geography
Music: Phish, Pete Droge
Sports: Soccer, skiing, hackysack, boating
Hobbies: Map collecting
Sayings: “Top Dog”
Nicknames: Coop

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