Ducks and Love!

We received this letter and photo of Captain Phlip from a proud Mother-in-Law-To-Be! Congratulations to the happy couple!

“My husband and I took our son and his girlfriend on a Duck Ride on June 20 with Captain Phlip. On June 23, our son popped the question to his girlfriend and presented her with his grandmother’s engagement ring after taking many of the comments to heart. Congratulations to the Captain on a job well done! Laurie and John have not yet decided on the specifics for their wedding, but I think Ride the Ducks should be involved since it was at the Captain’s instigation that the proposal was finally made and accepted!”


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  1. I took my friends who were visiting from Mississippi on the Duck last week (7/9) and Captain Phlip told us this story! He told us about a couple who got engaged and that inspired another couple to get engaged and one of those couples was on the ride with us. It was a fabulous story, and Captain Phlip made the tour an absolute blast! My friends and I are still talking about it, and him. He has got to be the funniest guy I’ve met. I do believe my friend passed him my # to call me. 😉

    Thanks for a great tour!

    “Navy Girl” (aka Melissa)

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