8 of Our Favorite Things To Do In Seattle

October 7, 2019
8 of Our Favorite Things To Do In Seattle

Looking for Some Things to Do in Seattle with Your Family?


Chihuly Garden and Glass

If you think about glass you use every day, you might think of the cup you’re drinking from or the windshield on your car.

Seems like an uninteresting thing, right?

Just one step into Chihuly Garden and Glass and you’ll realize that glass couldn’t be more versatile or amazing. Dale Chihuly, an artist from Tacoma, Washington, started experimenting with glass blowing in 1965. Inspired by the world around him, the colors and shapes he twists into the glass reflect everything from flowers to sea life.

He is most famous for his colossal installations such as chandeliers that hang in the Natural History Museum in London, England, or the glass wall in the Toyama Glass Art Museum, in Toyama, Japan.

Seattle Center Monorail

Soaring 605 feet above Seattle’s roadways you’ll spot The Seattle Center Monorail, built for the 1962 World’s Fair. The blue and red cars carry over two million people a year to and from West Lake and Seattle Centers. The Museum of Pop Culture was even designed so that the monorail could pass through it on the way to the terminal!

As of October 2019, you can use an ORCA card, the region’s smart card system for public transit, to pay for your monorail journey.

Seattle Tours on the Monorail

The Museum of Flight

Look toward the end of Boeing Field and you’ll notice planes of all sizes and colors that aren’t moving. What could they be doing if they’re not shuffling passengers around?

Welcome to the Museum of Flight, where your imagination will really “take off”.

The planes that live here are all unique pieces of history that led to air travel as we know it today. Aviation enthusiasts will find all types of planes here to explore: from their first plane, a restored 1929 Boeing 80A-1 to the Lamson L-106 Alcor, the first pressurized sailplane.

Space Needle

Space Needle in Seattle Washington

Another monument built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the Space Needle has become one of the most iconic parts of Seattle’s skyline. Its futuristic design comes from the theme of the fair that year: The Age of Space.

It stands at 605 ft. tall and 520 ft. wide at the broadest part of the observatory. At the top you’ll get a 360 degree view all across the Seattle area- from Mt. Rainer to the Puget Sound.

Woodland Park Zoo

Cities are often described as zoos, but when we say there’s a zoo in Seattle, we really mean it! The Woodland Park Zoo was originally a small collection of animals owned by Guy C. Phinney on his 188-acre estate.

After his death, his wife sold the property to the city who combined the collection with a menagerie from Leschi Park. Today you can find 300 species and thousands of types of trees and plants at the zoo.

Pike Place Market

Seattle's Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is your go-to stop for all things Seattle. Local food from the Pacific Northwest? They’ve got that. Art made by local tribes? Check.

Souvenirs and gifts to bring back home, made within the state?

You bet!

This market is one of the oldest continually run farmer’s markets in the United States and is the 33rd most visited tourist attraction in the world. Look for hard-to-find spices in World Spice Merchants to create flavorful dishes of your own. Buy leather belts at Marakesh Leather dyed and carved by local artisans.

There’s almost nothing you CAN’T find here!

Seattle Aquarium

When you look at the anemones, starfish and sea cucumbers in the touch tank at the Seattle Aquarium, you’ll notice their vibrant colors and funky shapes. Can you believe that’s what the seafloor below your feet looks like? The Seattle Aquarium juts out over the Puget Sound on Pier 59.

While you’ll see some of the same animals in the aquarium as you will in the waters surrounding Seattle, you’ll also get to learn a lot more about them and conservation efforts to keep their populations thriving in the wild.

And if you happen to be visiting Seattle in the summer, check out our article: Things To Do In Seattle For The 4th of July


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