Helen of Joy

June 28, 2017

Tour Guide Helen of Joy

Let’s talk about the kangaroo in the room… Helen of Joy (the face that launched a thousand ducks) grew up in Australia! She is thrilled to have called Seattle home for the past four years and considers the Pacific Northwest the most beautiful place in the world. Helen is a huge fan of the musical Hamilton, and believes that history lessons are much more enjoyable when they are delivered through rap! If you like the sound of singing, dancing, quacking and RAPPING your way around the greatest city in the world, MC Helen of Joy’s tour is the one for you. When she’s not running tours, Helen enjoys acting, snowboarding and eating carbs.

As you can imagine, being a tour guide at Ride the Ducks is a ton of fun and you get to listen to a lot of great music. Our Quackmasters of Fun have compiled a Spotify playlist of some of their favorite songs that you might hear on your Duck Tour.

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  1. Hey thanks a bunch!! Helen of Joy did an amazing job on our tour. As a longtime Disneyland employee, I’ve seen plenty of different aspects and examples of guest service in entertainment, and Helen was above and beyond. She kept a lively pace and engaged the audience with her quirky humor and Aussie vibe throughout the entire tour…she really made this thing a next-level experience and I just wanted to say thanks. Sorry for the delay, my tour was two months ago, but I’d definitely recommend the experience.

  2. she is so creative and energetic guide. I enjoyed trip wiz her

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