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How Much to Ship a Boat and Trailer? – A Cost-effective Strategy

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

how much to ship a boat and trailer

Although our boats are enough to take us everywhere on the water surface, there are still certain occasions we need to transport them to other places, such as garages or basements for winterizing or the maintenance process. While some small vessels can be delivered easily by the owners, other bigger crafts need to be shipped by professionals.

Unless your watercraft belong to the former circumstance, it is inevitable for you to calculate the boat shipping rates that may cost you when using these shipping services. If your vessels are transported overseas, it is definitely necessary to compute the cost to ship boats across the country.

If you are looking for an article that compiles all the information about “how much to ship a boat and trailer and how to do it?”, this is the perfect place for you! In this post, we will provide proper guidelines on assessing boat transport costs, as well as estimate trailer shipping costs and other information.

Moreover, other tips on evaluating the craft shipping rates and factors affecting the transportation cost will be highlighted so that minimizing boat shipping costs will no longer be a problem for you! Continue reading to learn more!

Boat Transportation Cost and Estimate Shipping Prices


1. Different shipping methods

If you want to transfer your watercraft across the country, you’ll probably discover pricing similar to those indicated above. In these cases, the shipping business may pull the boat with a single truck, or it could end up on a trailer depending on its size. However, not every transportation design will have a direct shot of drivable ground.

In these instances, another option for transportation is to load your boat onto another (larger) ship and use a maritime route, which can be faster than land transit. This method is commonly used by keeping the boat on a trailer, utilizing an insulated container, and employing flat racks. Enclosed units and bespoke flat trays might be more costly since they are tailored to your boat’s specifications.

2. Estimate shipping prices

The distance your boat must be transported is simply one aspect of the problem. The ship’s size is another important component in influencing the pricing. A larger length not only takes up more room, but it’s also typically reflective of weight, which might put additional pressure on the vehicle delivering your vessel.

With that information in mind, it’s not unexpected that a larger vessel will charge more boat shipping cost by each mile it’s carried. While the precise expense may vary depending on who you hire for delivering, on average, pricing for boat shipping services are as follows:

  • Longer than 12 feet: from $2.75 to $3.75 each mile
  • 12 feet long: from $2.50 to $3.50 each mile
  • 11 feet long: from $2.25 to $3.25 each mile
  • 10 feet long: from $2 to $3 each mile
  • 9 feet long: from $1.75 to $2.75 each mile
  • Shorter than 9 feet long: from $1.50 to $2.50 each mile

It’s advisable to notice the boat’s kind and form. Always keep in mind that the length, breadth of a boat, and weight, all go into the price. A pontoon boat might not be at the same rate as a fishing vessel.

If you’re transporting a boat and trailer altogether, it’s wise to check for firms who provide a decent deal. This may be less expensive than having to pay for the extra trailer delivering fee.

Cost of Transporting Boat Trailers


If you want to move your vessel yourself to a beach or the shipping business you want to use does not provide a trailer for your watercraft, you should think about purchasing a watercraft trailer. It’s an investment that will pay off in the long run.

The price of a boat trailer is determined by various factors, such as the trailer’s load carrying capability, kind, material, and size, to mention a few. The price ranges from roughly $500 to many thousand dollars.

Boat trailers can include a single, double, or tri-axle, and the model you choose will affect the price. Boat trailers with single-axles will be the least expensive, while trailers with numerous axles will be the most pricey.

If you decide to purchase a new trailer, a basic one will be less expensive than a custom model. You may also get a high-quality secondhand boat trailer, which will be more affordable.

In addition to the price of a trailer, you need to consider other accessories, like a spare wheel, a wing mirror, and a braking system. Extra accessories might cost hundreds of dollars.

Things to Notice While Shipping a Boat and Trailer

When shipping your boat, safety is the primary concern. You may discover useful materials to assist you do your part in ensuring the boat arrives safely. More information may be found in this area!

It’s also critical to be familiar with any legislation or restrictions that may apply when shipping a boat:

  • The boat’s height: We recommend eliminating several sections to minimize the boat’s height. The higher the vessel is, the greater the possibility of the ship tipping over.
  • Transporting a boat depending on its style: When shipping a boat, there are some features to watch out for. For instance, while transporting power boats or speed boats, it is critical to ensure that the windshields are strong enough to resist severe winds.
  • Insurance: You need to ensure that the boat is insured while being transported. Speak with your insurance provider and the shipping firm to guarantee that your watercraft is insured while in shipment.

For more information on boat shipping services, please check out this video:


Calculating the shipping costs for your boat and trailer is not an easy task, especially with vessels that contain special accessories or are imported from another country. Hence, by studying each element that influences the transportation rates, as well as selecting the right shipping company, you can save a considerable amount of money while having your boat arrive at its destination safely!

We hope that the information we have provided will assist you and your crew in transporting your boats and trailers at a reasonable price, making your sailing journeys more comfortable!

Did you enjoy this article on how much to ship a boat and trailer? Do you want to add anything else? Please let me know and leave a comment below.

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