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How to Get Rid of a Boat? – 5 Most Common Ways

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

how to get rid of a boat

Have you ever been tired of fixing your old vessel over and over again but it still can’t work properly? That means it’s time for you to get rid of an old boat! Although there are many methods for boaters to dispose of a boat, finding the best way to junk a boat is not an easy task.

This leads us to the question: “How to get rid of a boat?”. Understanding what to do with an old boat will bring you many surprising benefits, for instance, you can repurpose old fiberglass boats and resell them for a better price.

Fortunately, this article has everything you need to dispose of an old boat. In this post, we will cover all the necessary information that you are looking for while junking a boat.

Also, other tips and suggestions of boat disposal near me and you will be included to deliver more vessel disposing options for boaters, so stay tuned! Continue reading to learn more!

5 Best Ways to Dispose of Unwanted Boat


Based on the purpose of boat owners, there will be different methods to dispose of a vessel. For instance, if I had an old craft which was broken and damaged, I would bring it to the boat disposal near me and ask people there to refurbish then resell the boat. Still, that is just an option. Other ways are presented under these section below:

1. Recycling

Obviously, we always suggest boaters use the most environmentally-friendly way to deal with old watercrafts, which is recycling them.

If your boat isn’t worth selling or donating, recycling can be the great decision. This is a fantastic solution to clear up space that your unused craft is taking up. Aluminum hulls may, without a doubt, be repurposed for cash. However, boats made from fiberglass are frequently discarded.

2. Repurposing

Similar to recycling, repurposing a boat then reselling for a better price is another innovative option. You can start a DIY project for renovating the hull or certain elements of your vessel. This is an example of how a boat can be repurposed. It’s a lot of fun to put your imagination to work on things which most people might consider as useless.

A wooden fishing boat, for instance, may be transformed into furniture like a couch, bookcase, table, or seat. It may also be converted into a flower bed with lighting. Some people even transform it into an indoor bar. Simply remove the interior of the vessel and replace it with various beverages and ice.

3. Donating

Another way to turn your old craft into something useful is donating it. Some watercraft would be hard to sell, hence you may want to consider giving them instead. You can contact schools, nonprofits, organizations, and businesses that ask for donations of vintage boats.

This will save you money on taxes and remove the hassle of having an old vessel in your garage. Even if it’s a contribution, some institutions insist on a title.

Getting the title is vital, but it may also rely on your position or agreement. If you are unable to locate the title, you may contact the DMV for assistance. State-by-state requirements are different. In specific cases, the boat trailer must be included as well as examined.

4. Selling

Aside from restoration or donation, the best method for boats that are still in good shape and conditions must be selling. Directly auctioning or selling vessels to potential buyers will bring you a significant amount of money.

If you want to sell your watercraft, it should include a sound hull and running motor. A clear title is also important, in addition to an appropriate look. As a result, the buyer will not be hesitant to pay the full worth of your yacht. Also, give it a reasonable price.

When it comes to selling a yacht, though, money isn’t the most important consideration. It’s not like you’ll be able to use it to support your retirement. The main goal is to dispose of your old boat while also earning some money.

What concerns most is that boaters are no longer responsible for their vessels. You won’t need to think twice about the authorities alerting you to the risk presented by having a yacht in your backyard.

5. Trashing

You’ll have to carry your boat for disposal and destruction if it can’t be gifted, sold or repurposed. This is common with vessels that have been left to deteriorate for a long time. For a few dollars, you can recycle some valuable pieces.

You might also strike a deal with haulers, those could make use of outdated boat components. They can either use them themselves or sell these parts to other yacht owners. Many of them would even purchase non-functional pieces at a lesser cost.

However, when it comes to fiberglass vessels, they are disposed of in a landfill. You can hire a local garbage removal company or agency to remove your watercraft for you. It is based on your location.

How Much Do You Need to Get Rid of an Old Boat


When it comes to junking a boat or trailer, you may have to pay some fees, depending on which of the options we’ve discussed you pick:

  • Unless you want to exchange your vessel for some goods, giving your craft away for free will not cost you anything. Even though it does, it’s still preferable than having it rot in your garage. Those who seek to reuse the boat face the same issues.
  • Passing your yacht to a scrapyard can usually save you money as the salvager would compensate you for the worth of the boat’s pieces. However, they normally deduct transportation and disassembly costs from your expected profit.
  • Apart from shipping it off, repurposing your vessel as a charitable contribution will require no costs on your behalf. You might also be able to claim a tax deduction during that same year, based on the worth of your watercraft.
  • Taking your yacht to a junkyard will almost certainly cost you money. The expenses will be determined by your vessel’s size and the dump yard’s particular rates.
  • The cost of public services for getting rid of your vessels varies according to the budgets and rules in your region. For detailed prices, contact your local agencies.

Regulations Related to Boat Disposal

If your boat is damaged and not able to be repaired, the law forbids you from abandoning it. As the owner, it is your obligation to properly dispose of it. The vessel dumpsite or salvage yard will probably be the best destination for this battered watercraft.

Make an attempt to locate the nearest or closest dump as soon as possible so that you may save time and work. Some people may not be able to afford to discard an old craft and transport it to a landfill. If you’re one of these people, you could apply for the DNR – Department of Natural Resources program: Vessel Turn In Program or the VTIP.

VTIP strives to gain clearance for the lawful and safe disposal of an aging vessel. They may also be responsible for the entire expense of the procedure. You can find out whether you’re eligible and fill out a form.

You can call the service to arrange for the drop-off of the boat once you’ve confirmed your suitability. You must show that you are the vessel’s registered owner. If you don’t mind not getting paid for some of your craft’s important pieces, this is an alternative for you. You don’t have to pay any extra fees in the first place.

Abandoned boats are a source of worry for the DNR since there can cause oil leaking and harmful chemicals. It is harmful to the marine and the ecosystem because it pollutes and contaminates the environment.

For more information, check out this video:


There are several ways to discard a watercraft, yet there are also methods that are improper. Above all, you don’t ever sink a boat. Aside from damaging the environment, it’s also prohibited. Even though it appears to be entertaining, it is not worth the danger. Observe the regulations and follow the guidelines we’ve provided!

We hope that the above information is useful during your disposal of a boat. Did you enjoy the article on how to get rid of a boat? Do you want to add anything else? Please let us know and leave a comment below.

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