I ♥ Seattle Battle is ON!

On Monday night, Russell Wilson, starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks (@DangeRussWilson) tweeted, “I don’t think there is possibly a guy or girl who loves Seattle more than I do. What do you think!? Do I have any takers?”

Photographer Mark Olwick (@Markolwick) immediately connected the challenge to Ann Peavey, the go-to ambassador for Seattle information at Visit Seattle (@SeattleMaven) and we knew we had to get in on the fun!


And, so… Ride the Ducks is proud to announce:

The EPIC I ♥ Seattle Battle!


We’d like to extend an official invite for the Seattle Maven and Russell Wilson to Ride the Ducks of Seattle on a agreed upon date of your choice. We’ll take you on an adventure that pits Seattle knowledge against Seattle trivia against Seattle how-to and then, we’ll announce the winner of the I ♥ Seattle Battle. Yes, there will be a trophy.

Who’s in?! RSVP via Twitter @SeattleDucks.

Hey Fans, do you want to see @SeattleMaven and @DangeRussWilson on a Duck? When both candidates RSVP, we’ll randomly select two lucky winners to be present to watch the epic adventure unfold. Tweet @SeattleDucks why we should pick you and use #onaduck!

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