I love being a Duck Captain

When we started hiring Duck Captains this year, we asked our team: “What do you love about being a Duck Captain?”  The response was overwhelming! Barring a couple of grammatical corrections, this is what our team said. Check it out!
I love being a Duck Captain because…

  1. Every summer, I get a SWEET left arm tan
  2. No paper cuts!
  3. Y…M…C…A!
  4. I can get the winter off to travel, ski or just hibernate!
  5. I create miles of smiles for our guests! 
  6. I get to be part of the wackiest people I have ever met in my life! 
  7. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to wear each day.  I already have a slick outfit picked out!
  8. People wave at me like I’m a celebrity!  They ask for my autograph and even want pictures with me!
  9. When I need supplies for work, I go to Archie McFee’s!
  10. My abs are stronger than they used to be from all the laughing!
  11. Quackers are awesome!
  12. I get to meet interesting people from around the world and drive them into a lake!
  13. I cannot recall another job where almost every workday ends with “Wow, today went by quickly!” 
  14. At the end of the day, I’m filled with a glow at how many people for which I created a memorable Seattle adventure!
  15. I finally got to acknowledge my hilarious alter ego!
  16. Driving things older than you is cool!
  17. I have aspirations of being a rock star!        
  18. Group karaoke is the best!
  19. I’m cool under pressure and cool in general!
  20. My boss likes that I have a ridiculously bright flashlight!
  21. Asking for directions is overrated.  I have all the streets of Seattle memorized!
  22. I always wanted to change my name to “Rob R. Ducky”!
  23. Greasy hands are in fashion!
  24. I get to drive a truck in the water and a boat on land!
  25. It makes the fact that I own a pink feather boa and a Bedazzler ok!
  26. I’ve always been the center of attention at parties, now it’s okay to do it at work too!
  27. I know the date of National Rubber Duck Day!
  28. I get to use my Whoopi cushion without my wife rolling her eyes at me!
  29. I go to work happy and come home happy!
  30. I love to show and tell people about MY town!
  31. There’s nothing better than when a local guest gets off my tour and remarks, “I learned something new about Seattle today!”
  32. I drive a 10-ton amphibious vehicle in downtown Seattle! Who else can say that?
  33. Everyone I work with has a good attitude!
  34. Seattle is the most beautiful city to work and live in!
  35. A typical day at the office involves sunshine and cruising Lake Union!
  36. I am an Ambassador for Seattle!
  37. It is a rewarding line of work!
  38. There are more gauges on my dashboard than any of my friends’!
  39. I never ever have to wonder what year the Denny Party landed ever, ever again.
  40. You know how you sometimes find money in an old coat pocket?  It’s like that – but with Quackers!
  41. Hat hair! I’ve always had terrible hair-dos and now I can blame it on my props!
  42. I get to write off rubber chickens on my income tax!
  43. There are videos of the back of my head all over YouTube!
  44. I get to splash into Lake Union everyday without once having to back up a trailer!
  45. I get to wear a headset microphone – like MADONNA!
  46. Whenever we play ‘Simon Says,” I ALWAYS get to be the ‘Simon’!
  47. My office was built in 1942.  My desk is a steering wheel. Every window has a view that’s never the same!
  48. I learn something new every day – even if I don’t try!
  49. My windows roll up and down…from the TOP!
  50. I start my day by saying, “Foxtrot.  Uniform.  November. FUN!”

If you want to check out what it takes to be a Duck Captain, then email a resume with a cover letter describing your boating experience to careers@ridetheducksofseattle.com. Subject: Captain (Fax: 206-441-4697) For more information, please call 206-441-4687.

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