Learn or play? Play or learn? Let’s do both!

Are you a history buff?  Do you like fun?  Perfect! Have we got the tour for YOU!

We encourage our guests to join in the fun while learning great tidbits about our beautiful Emerald City.  Our hilarious Captains love to take the guests on an adventure tour of Seattle while they narrate historical information and local folklore, dance to funky music and Quack people up with jokes and comedy!  Learning while playing?  Yep!  It happens here daily at Ride the Ducks!  
Throughout the tour, we will tell you about the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, show you historical Pioneer Square and the original Skid Road. You’ll learn that the Seattle Waterfront is really just landfill and that the Fremont neighborhood is the Center of the Universe, plus a lot of other textbook-worthy features of the city.
Come join us to learn, laugh and play on Ride the Ducks of Seattle! 

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