Top 7 Things YOU MUST DO in Seattle this Memorial Day Weekend!

May 22, 2014
Top 7 Things YOU MUST DO in Seattle this Memorial Day Weekend!

In Seattle, the arrival of Memorial Day Weekend signals that summer is just around the corner! The holiday weekend is always full of fun activities and we have a top seven list for those who are building their itinerary! Check it out below!

7.) SpyPacific Science Center’s Spy Exhibit – Earlier this year, the Pacific Science Center unveiled the secret world of SPYS! They brought in an extensive collection of espionage-related artifacts that are on display for your curious eyes to see! Get your tickets now! The exhibit is only here until September!

6.) Fremont SundayFremont Sunday Street Market – Why not take a walkabout through one of Seattle’s most interesting neighborhoods? Don’t miss out on the weekly Fremont Sunday Street Market! Every week is a new experience with items ranging from artisan crafts to delicious street food! Make sure to check it out this coming weekend!

5.) Gas WorksGasworks Park – We love Gasworks Park! If you haven’t seen or heard about it on our Duck Tour, here’s some fun facts. Gas Works Park used to be a coal to gas manufacturing plant that was converted into an outdoor park for Seattle citizens. It’s an unusual and beloved sight in Seattle!

4.) EMPEMP Museum’s LEGO Exhibit – Do you love LEGOs?? Come check out the LEGO Architecture exhibit in the EMP Museum! It features some of the most iconic buildings around the world like the Chrysler Building, Burj Khalifa, and of course, the Space Needle! You can even build your own piece of architecture and add it to the mini-LEGO city in the exhibit!

3.) Pike PlacePike Place Market – The Pike Place Market is one of the most cherished attractions in Seattle. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, it’s always fun to make a visit down to the market to see the fish throwers, the street performers, and the first Starbucks! There are comprehensive tours available as well!

2.) FolklifeFolklife Music and Dance Festival – Seattle Center is celebrating the 43rd annual Northwest Folklife Festival this weekend! Join the fun for amazing food, groovy jams, and tons of entertainment! The festival is always filled with unique experiences and you’ll see something new every year!

Ducks MD2014 1.) Ride the Ducks! – Come hang out with the wacky Captains on a DUKW to kick off the summer of 2014! They’ll have you laughing, dancing, and singing-along as you tour the streets of Seattle and splash into the waters of Lake Union!

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