Seattle’s Child offers a great review!

“Maybe you’ve seen them already – the boats on wheels driving around Seattle, filled with raucous passengers, driven by a microphone-wearing tour leader. Our family decided to be tourists in our town and Ride the Ducks! Ducks are World War II amphibious vehicles that reach a top speed on land of 38 miles per hour and motor effortlessly on Lake Union.

Our captain was “Oliver D. Road,” and he was a fast-talking, easy-laughing driver, tour guide and mischief instigator. Whenever he pointed out a Starbucks, our response was to yell “Lattes!” as loud as we could. Touring on a duck means that the information you learn is always a little off-kilter. For example, I had never before put two and two together and noticed that the heart of Pioneer Square is actually a triangle. The tour goes from downtown to Fremont, into the Lake, and back for about a 90-minute trip. Our captain went through six silly hats and one wig in that time.”

To read the full review by Machelle Allman, click here! Visit for great information about living in Seattle with a child.

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