Sonny Daze

August 24, 2017

Tour Guide Sonny Daze

“Welcome to Fremont, Center of the Universe”. That’s the city sign the Duck passes as it drives over the Fremont Bridge. Sonny Daze knows that sign well since he put it up. As a playful ‘Fremonster,’ he is delighted to welcome everyone to his neighborhood–and even operates a walking tour out of Fremont! Sonny likes to tell stories – which is good thing to like when you’re a Tour Guide! He honed this skill by being a desert farmer, kindergarten teacher, carpenter and entrepreneur.

Sonny Daze has called Seattle his home for the past 38 years and loves to share its story with visitors and locals alike. He is married, owns a spoiled-rotten dog, and has raised numerous foster children in his day. During the winter he is a teacher and tutor. During the summer, when he is not giving tours, he enjoys camping, hiking and appreciating the beauty of the Northwest.

As you can imagine, being a tour guide at Ride the Ducks is a ton of fun and you get to listen to a lot of great music. Our Quackmasters of Fun have compiled a Spotify playlist of some of their favorite songs that you might hear on your Duck Tour.


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