The bodacious Blue Angels are here!

What’s that noise?! WAHOOOOOO! The Blue Angels are here again!

Seafair is my favorite time of year! I get to see blue and yellow fighter jets loop around the Space Needle and if I crane my head, I can see them in the flying in formation over on Lake Washington!
I heard a fun fact from Captain Barney Kohl today about the Blue Angels. Did you know that the pilots fly the jets to each show site? How cool would that be? No lines at security, no need to wait for a pilot… just hop on and you’re off. Zoooom! Mach 2 to Seattle! I thought that was cool, but then I talked to Captain Oliver de Rhode (on left) and he told me that the F/A-18s can reach speeds of about 1400 MPH! That’s twice the speed of sound!

I took this photo. Do you have any good pictures of the Blue Angels that you’d like to share?


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