We Welcome Babies on Board!

Are you thinking of bringing your infant to Ride the Ducks? Great! We’d be happy to have them on board! The little tikes do require a ticket of their own, so be sure to purchase a Baby Ticket for only $1! Our Ducks are Coast Guard-certified vehicles with a maximum capacity of 37 souls on board, including the Captain. Whether you’re 6 months old or 100 years young, you’re a VIP at Ride the Ducks and you’ll need a ticket to board your tour.

Will my little one need a car seat? The inside of the Duck is very similar to the inside of a school bus. There are 18 bench seats for two people each. For very young children, you are welcome to bring a car seat carrier, but it is not required and just like metro buses, there are no seatbelts onboard, so we recommend parents hold small children in their lap.

Do little kids enjoy the tour? Of course! Ride the Ducks is great fun for the entire family! While young children may not remember how tall the Space Needle is, most often parents are surprised that their child was entertained for the full 90-minute tour. With music, clapping and the sights of Seattle whizzing by the window, most children are highly stimulated and love the tour! For an additional guarantee, pick up a Quacker in the gift shop before you go – and remember, they’re only good for 1000 Quacks! *wink wink*

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