We’ve got the 12th Man Spirit!

January 11, 2014

With the Seattle Seahawks competing in the NFC Divisional Championship tomorrow against the New Orleans Saints, today is an extra special Blue Friday and the city is a buzz with excitement! The 12th Man logo is popping up all over town and we decided Vinnie needed to get in the spirit!

Vinnie is our ENORMOUS inflatable Duck balloon that sits on our roof at our Seattle Center location. He’s surprisingly much larger than you would think and the Seahawks Team Shop was unfortunately out of quadruple-double-macchiato-XXL Russell Wilson jerseys.

With true, make-it-happen 12th Man spirit, our Marketing Director teamed up with Operations and after many discussions about how big Vinnie actually is, we finally decided on his jersey specs. But, the million dollar question was: How would we actually create this jersey monstrosity?

Enter the amazing wife of our Director of Operations! Not only does she put up with her husband’s long hours and infamously dirty clothes, she’s a master seamstress!

Vinnie’s jersey is hand-crafted from 4 giant king-size sheets! After sewing the sheets together, we painstakingly sewed the sleeves on, plus a 12th Man Flag and voila! The biggest Seahawks jersey in Seattle was created!

It was a blustery, cold morning, but with the help of our entire team, we got Vinnie dressed and ready for a Seahawks victory tomorrow!

Ride the Ducks is excited to show our 
12th Man Pride for the Seattle Seahawks! 
Help us cheer them on to victory! GO HAWKS!



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