We’ve got the Wackiest Captains Around!

June 17, 2014
We’ve got the Wackiest Captains Around!

“I got invited to join a small group of relatives on the Ducks tour. We were all visiting from out of town for a Seattle wedding. A quick check on TripAdvisor convinced me to join in. The Duck drivers not only are enthusiastic but versatile – part bus driver, part tour guide, part stand up comic, part music DJ and of course they are also Coast Guard Certified boat captains.”
– BuckeyeBob, Ohio

Microsoft Captains - Lighter Faces, smaller

Whether you call it the fastest truck in the water or the slowest boat on the road, it takes a special quality to take the helm of a DUKW! Our Captains are ambassadors of Seattle and some of the most entertaining people around! They each complete a rigorous training program and hold a 25-ton Merchant Mariner Masters’ license as well as a commercial driver’s license. In addition, they each bring their own personality to their tour and come from many different backgrounds; golf pro, radio DJ, military veteran and an actual clown to name a few! To learn more about our Wacky Captains and what makes them so unique, click here!

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