What is a Wacky Quacker?

The Wacky Quacker is a fun way to participate in the Ride the Ducks tour! You may have heard them as you were walking down the street. You may have even “played” the Wacky Quacker yourself!

So, what is the Wacky Quacker? The Wacky Quacker is a noisemaker in the shape of a duck bill! It whistles like the sound of a duck call or a kazoo. Throughout the tour, guests “quack” at pedestrians, drivers, and also those feathery friends in which those Quackers got their name.

The Wacky Quacker is available for $2.25. It can be purchased when you reserve your tickets or you can pick one up before you depart for your tour. Whether you depart from our Westlake Center location or our main location at 5th Ave and Broad St, don’t forget your Quacker!

Check out a Ride the Ducks Customer Service Team Member demonstrating how best to use a Wacky Quacker!

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  1. I love quackers

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