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What to Wear on a Boat Ride? – Boat Outfit Ideas

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

what to wear on a boat ride

There are many things that you have to prepare when going boating. One of them is clothes and some may think that it’s unnecessary. But to enjoy the time you spend on a boat, you have to be in comfortable garments.

So, what to wear on a boat ride? Women can be in swimwear but it’s also not off for women to be in dresses, leggings, pants, and jumpsuits. Men can stick with floral shirts but there are plenty of other varieties to choose from.

Nevertheless, boat outfits are not only for comfort; you need to consider the time of the year that you go boating. The specifics are found in this article so keep reading

What to Wear on a Casual Boat Ride

1. For Women

Here are the casual boat ride outfits suitable for women and some tips.

  • Shorts


You may go through colorful shorts for a casual boat ride. Select the color that you like but avoid those that are loose-fitting because they can be filled with water and air and swell outwards. The best choice is linen shorts as they’re comfortable and breathable. Linen dries easily as well.

  • Skirt


You may rule out getting a skirt because they might billow but skirts can be an outfit for sailing if you pick one made of linen, neoprene, or nylon. These materials are easy to dry. They’re light so you’ll be comfortable. A skirt with pockets is a good choice as it allows you to carry some accessories.

  • Shirt

Apart from valuing comfort in boating clothes for ladies, you have to choose a shirt that can protect your skin from the sun. It gets colder and windy in the early morning and during sunset. Then, it’s hot throughout the day. Hence, you need a sweatshirt to be protected from the various temperatures and weather.

Don’t wear a shirt that is too tight as it compromises comfort. A light-colored shirt is not ideal either as it gives way for the sun rays. It’s not practical to wear lacy tops or else, you’ll be sorry for it. You can wear a shirt dress cover-up if you plan on wearing a swimsuit. It’s best to choose a white one so you stand out on the waters.

2. For Men

The much-needed relaxation on the boat can come with comfortable clothes for men.

  • Shirt

The best shirt for men when out boating is a nylon shirt with long sleeves. It protects against UV rays in summer and high winds. It also prepares you for when a boat runs at a high speed. You don’t have to worry about style as it doesn’t look bad. It’s light and cool so you won’t feel uncomfortable.

  • Shorts


Bermuda shorts pair wonderfully with a nylon shirt. They’re a practical choice as they keep you cool under the sun.

You Can Be Fashionable on a Boat!


There are more outfit ideas than the ones mentioned above. Everyone can be fashionable on a boat without letting go of comfort.

Despite the wide range of female clothing, you’ll find the most suitable ones to wear on a pontoon boat where the party is held or on a boat cruise. They’re summarized here so selection won’t take a lot of time and effort.

1. For Women

  • Casual midi dress or skater dress with scoop neck

This is what you have to wear on a yacht day trip or when you take ferries or boats during the day. Pick this if you want to dress in easily and look cute at the same time. You’re with fashion, especially if you choose a casual dress with a vibrant pattern and distinct texture.

I made this recommendation as it suits any body type. Also, you’ll be comfortable in it as it’s not too tight. It’s the most practical and applicable among boat cruise outfits for ladies.

  • Flowing maxi dress

You don’t have to worry about a party outfit as there’s an array of maxi dresses you can choose from. Feeling good about your looks at a boat party will allow you to enjoy a night on a yacht or boat.

An all-white dress can make you stand out as you exude oceanic appeal. It’s also great to go for a maxi dress with a long slit for taking photos. Wearing a maxi dress with a low neck can make you look stunning like a goddess.

Aside from white and blue, which are the colors that represent the ocean, it’s not bad if you choose bright colors like rose pink. There’s no doubt that you’ll be lovely in it. With maxi dresses, a boat ride at night or partying will be much better than what you expect.

  • Jumpsuit

When you go on a boat cruise, a jumpsuit can boost the vacation vibe. Petites should have the flared ones so they won’t look stout. Wearing a pair of wedges can help with establishing a taller frame.

2. For Men

A pair of comfortable pants will not ruin your night at a boat or yacht party. To reach this goal, you have to wear pants made of linen or starchy cotton twill. Adding a rope-tie belt intensifies elegance. If you’re not into the materials that were mentioned, you can wear just casual white pants.

It’s not a must for guys to cover their legs at a boat ride party. You can wear shorts without eliminating style. To be fashionable onboard, you have to wear shorts that are above the knee. You have to avoid wearing the baggy ones as they ruin the proportion of your outfit combination.

Pair your shorts with a linen shirt that can be in white, neutral taupe, or a vibrant pastel hue. Other colors that go well with light-colored shorts are tangerine, aqua, and canary yellow.

Other Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories You Can Wear on a Boat Ride

There are more things that you can match with your boat attire to look fabulous.

1. Coat or jacket

There’s no harm in putting on a coat over an elegant dress when you go boating at night in fall or winter. A puffy jacket is also great when wearing tights, leggings, or jeggings. You need to put on the right clothing to protect yourself from the cold or chilly wind. How can you enjoy it if you shiver the whole trip?

Men can also put on a jacket when going sailing. However, they should avoid the one that is structured and too heavy. The most appropriate jacket is airy as it carries a nautical vibe. Moreover, it’s best if it’s unlined and lightly tailored in sand or navy color. Peaked lapels and buttons with gold or pale color can amplify the style.

2. Hat or cap


A hat for women doesn’t only protect the skin but it’s also somehow an affirmation that you’re on vacation. Straw hats with some sequins or in different colors will match your outfit for sure.

You can buy an affordable one as there’s a tendency that it will be blown by the wind. Both man and woman who are the boat’s captain can wear snapback caps. Buy an adjustable one so it can surely fit your head.

3. Footwear


Non-slip sandals or shoes are great for both genders. Espadrilles and flip-flops are also great as long as it matches your outfit. Converse, Vans, and Toms are wonderful options too.

As you can notice, these kinds of footwear are not only comfortable but can also prevent you from slipping on the wet boat floor. The right footwear is necessary on a casual boat trip.

4. Sunglasses


Everyone can put these on as they’re not only for eye protection but also for radiating the summer and sea feels. They surely match any sailing outfits. They’re perfect for parties on a yacht or boat. Get polarized sunglasses to ensure you get the protection you need against the glaring sun.

5. Accessories


Women can wear dainty accessories that go with a nautical theme such as hoops, bracelets, and several midi rings. Men can add silk neckerchiefs to their outfits. Statement colors and paisley prints can make a stylish, neutral ensemble. A belt also makes a difference and you can play with it by choosing colors like orange, brick red, or turquoise.

Finalizing Important Details

When choosing what to wear on a boat ride, know that it’s not impossible to have an ensemble of comfort and fashion. However, comfort comes first when you join a casual boating day.

When attending a party held on a boat or yacht, you’re free to show your fashionable side. Among these concerns, you have to see to it that you’re protected from UV rays, and cold, chilly, and high winds. What you wear is important to ensure you will enjoy the boat ride!

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