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Where Are Lund Boats Made – Insight of the Famous Vessel Brand

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

where are lund boats made

When it comes to the most trustworthy vessel brand in the market, Lund boat is always on the top list. The famous Lund boat company has become the leader in the boat manufacturing industry for years thanks to their excellent quality in various products such as fishing vessels, fiberglass Lund boats or pontoon watercraft.

Still, not every expert boater can either answer the question “Where are Lund boats made?” or properly understand the history of this manufacturer. In fact, since 1946, Lund has started their business in New York Mills, Minnesota.

In order to help boaters have a deeper insight into Lund, one of the top boat brands in the world, this post will cover all essential information and knowledge about the origin of Lund boats which are presented under these categories.

Also, some certain tips on choosing different Lund boat models will be delivered in the article, so make sure you stay with us till the end! Keep reading to learn more!

The Origin of Lund Boats: a Timeline of History


People may wonder: From a small one-man business in New York Mills, Minnesota, how has the company developed into a popular brand these days? Let’s together look back into the history of Lund boats to find out the explanation for that question.

  • 1940s

In 1948, Howard Lund, the father of many famous Lund boat designs, constructed his very first prototype aluminum duck vessel. Even today, These watercraft creations have still deeply affected the manufacturing style of each designer who makes Lund boats.

  • 1950s

Lund advertised his boat designs by traveling around the city with his product models on his automobile. This bizarre marketing strategy made him strike golf when he grabbed the eye of an Inland Marine Corporation distributor and obtained an order for 50 vessels.

This event inspired him to establish a Lund boats manufacturing plant in the middle of Minnesota. That initial order from Inland Marine Corporation had placed Lund upon the map for future generations.

  • 1960s


The reputation of Lund boats grew as orders continued to arrive more frequently. The company was reincorporated under Lund Metal Craft in 1961, and extended into the fiberglass boat sector.

After successfully purchasing Shell Lake Boat Company, the manufacturer gained more versatility by offering a new product line that caters to both angling and family enjoyment.

  • 1970s

The 1970s witnessed the birth of numerous classic Lund Boats. The Tyee and Mr. Pike series was introduced with other extensive fiberglass products, including a 22-foot Cuddy Cabin Plus, or the legendary 315 Guide Special.

  • 1980s and 1990s

When Lund discontinued Shell Lake Boat in the 80s, the fiberglass manufacturing transitioned to aluminum with creative models such as the legendary Pro V, Rebel, or Baron. Other specialized boats were also developed, such as the Newport or the 2100 Sport Cabin.

In the early 1990s, Lund engaged in pontoon manufacturing with representatives such as the 2100 Angler and the 2450 Chairman SE. Lund commemorated their 50th anniversary in 1998 by offering bespoke paint, distinctive graphics, etc on certain versions.

  • 2000s and now

After the death of Howard Lund in 2003, the company was acquired by Brunswick Corporation. The enterprise also owns Crestliner, a yacht manufacturing brand noted for its quality and creativity for over 140 years.

In 2008, Lund’s new owner had fully committed to the fiberglass watercraft business. Lund vessels are still noted for their reliability and endurance today. Their constant operation has been lasting for over seven decades.

Old Lund Boats Vs New Lund Boats: What Are the Differences?


When buying a Lund craft, boaters can always choose between an old fiberglass Lund boat made during Howard Lund’s era or a brand new Lund’s vessel, as they are all excellent in terms of quality.

Still, in this part, I will cover a quick comparison of the old and new to help boat operators purchase the right Lund vessel for them.

  • Old Lund boats

Older versions made by Lund boats are likewise considered to be made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship. The designs of Lund’s 1970s boats or fishing models in the 80s are still considered classic. They are sold at very excellent prices despite the fact that they are used but in good shape.

Lund’s earlier models had a more luxurious interior than those made from Brunswick’s. These are the general opinions of many loyal customers of the brand, even though each person who owns Lund boats has different ways of using them.

In the past, the latest Tyee model Tyee was purchased at $46, 846 and resold for $35,660. The same figures apply to similar models as well. This merely demonstrates that Lund’s vessels maintain their worth, and it isn’t because of the expensive price.


Despite the fact that Brunswick has acquired Lund Boat Company, manufacturing remains in the same headquarters located in New York Mills, Minnesota. Lund boats are known for being the leader of the luxury aluminum label. They are more pricey than their competitors, but boaters don’t mind because of the superior quality.

Each Lund boat has high-quality vented foam to keep it afloat even when the hull is severely damaged. This section ensures that you will be able to return home despite unforeseen situations.

Furthermore, the electrical systems and cables in Lund vessels are trustworthy. Owners of these boats praise the ride’s velocity, maneuverability, and stability. Everyone loves its layout since it is ideal for fishing and has no “dead area.”

To know more details, please checkout this video: Made for the Outdoors – Lund Boats How its made Fiberglass


Now that you have finished our article, it is easy to answer the question “Where are Lund boats made?”. Also, by applying other knowledge relating to Lund boats, boaters can always be able to select the suitable Lund vessel thanks to their products’ variety in price and quality.

I hope that this post was helpful to your boating experience! Did you enjoy the article? Do you want to add anything else? Please let me know and leave a comment below.

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