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Why Are Bass Boats So Expensive? All You Need to Know

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

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You may want a bass boat to go fishing but before you indulge in the fun experience, you have to actually purchase the boat. And when you start researching to do this, you may ponder: ‘Why are bass boats so expensive?’

Well, the short answer is because of the boat’s materials, engine power, features for comfort, and integration of modern technology. 

The brand of the bass boat and where you buy it has something to do with its price too. 

You can settle with a rowboat but bass boats are designed so you can go after certain fish. 

Once you know the reasons for the hike in bass boat cost, you’ll be convinced that it’s worth it.

Featuring the Most Expensive Bass Boat

Do you want to know the most expensive bass boat? With the price of $100,000, it’s the Ranger Z521L ICON!

The manufacturer made it to celebrate the 50 years of their legendary work in the industry. Since this is a luxury bass boat, it’s a limited edition. You may be dying to know the features that justify its hefty price.

It comes with Minn Kota’s Ultrex 112 trolling motor. It has a padded deck and adjustable seats that promise comfort. The cockpit has LED lights suitable for night fishing. These things are reasonable enough for the price but it’s only 250 HP. Since it’s worth $100,000, it could have two of the 250 HP or at least 400 HP. But I remember that 250 HP is the maximum recommendation for bass boats.

Reasons Why Bass Boats Are Expensive

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1. The Small Market

The bass boat pricing is affected by its small market.

A study in 2019 found that 50 million people participate in freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, and fly-fishing. 

Although there’s an increase in the count compared to the past years, it’s relatively low. More people fish on kayaks, rowboats, or simply stay on the dock. During vacation, some will hire a boater to take them to a fishing area.

Only those who love fishing like competitive anglers or professional anglers are willing to spend for a fishing vessel.

Manufacturers are influenced by this matter. They would only produce enough to meet the demands. Only about a hundred bass boats are sold in a year.

The scarce number of boats in the market ramps up the prices.

2. Being Handmade

Robots can make some parts of bass boats but others are required to be welded by hand. The manual labor increases production expenses, which translates to higher prices for consumers.

3. Materials

As fishing becomes more and more popular, manufacturers choose materials with better and better quality. They aim to create lighter bass boats that are maneuverable at the same time. These features attract buyers who are after pro bass boats and bass tracker boats.

The conventional fiberglass was also modified so the boat won’t get stuck in seaweed and won’t also disturb fish underwater.

The upgraded materials and modifications make prices rise.

4. For the Sake of Comfort

Bass boats have features dedicated to the comfort of users. For example, padded, comfortable seats covered with marine vinyl for waterproofing. These can add to the price tags.

5. Engine Capacity

The engine or motor of bass boats is the most vital in the operation. But speed and proper handling are also essential to achieve optimal function. The owner should be responsible for when and where to steer.

Bass boats are smaller than other fishing vessels, so heavy-duty motors are not suitable. Instead, they are equipped with a special, powerful engine. However, this engine comes at a higher price.

6. Brand

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Once a company has established its name and reputation for quality products, it has the right to increase its selling price. Manufacturers of bass boats also do this. Thus, bass boats from reputable companies tend to be more expensive.

Are All Bass Boats Expensive?

If you have a low budget, you would hope to find cheap bass boats and think about getting repossessed or used tournament bass boats. But before you proceed with this plan, why don’t you check these bass boats with a price tag that’s under 10K or around this price range?

  • Crestliner 1700 Storm

thuyền bass-giá rẻ

  • G3 Sportsman 2400
  • Lund 1875 Renegade
  • Lowe Stinger 178

thuyền sang trọng

  • Ranger Z175
  • Nitro Z17
  • Skeeter ZX150
  • Triton 179 TRX
  • Tracker Bass Tracker Classic XL
  • Xpress Xplorer XP200 Catfish

Way Out of Getting an Expensive Bass Boat

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You can check repossessed bass boats and pick the one that suits you. To get the best deal, here are some tips.

1. Inquire What Bank Lenders Can Offer

There are several repo bass boats from bank lenders and credit unions. The people from these institutions are eager to sell their stuff.

So, it won’t be hard to get a good deal from them. If you need financing, the bank can help you with it. You can avail of lower rates if you have a good credit score.

2. Be Quick in Hunting Repo Bass Boat

You have to know that repo bass boats don’t stay for too long since many are interested in them. Multiple bids can cause a price increase. Therefore, you have to be quick in getting the repo boat that you like. It will only take a few days to slip out of your hand.

3. Knowing the Correct Appraisal

Negotiating the price of a repo boat is possible but you may not know how low it can get. You can get tips from NADA Marine Appraisal.

4. Cleaning the Boat

You can find a repo boat that is in good condition. But it’s not always the case as some may need cleaning and basic maintenance. These can increase the amount of cash you need to shell out.

5. Testing the Boats

Before buying, you need to test the boat and let it run on the water. It’s to ensure that you won’t have to bear with a lot of issues. You may ask for advice from experts like a diesel engine specialist as well.

Closing Part

Why are bass boats so expensive? Numerous factors affect the pricing. Because of them, the cost of new bass boats is justifiable. Not all bass boats are too expensive as some are sold in 5 digits. 

You may also get a good deal in buying a repossessed bass boat as long it’s in a fair condition. It all depends on your budget, and you have to research to get what you like.

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