Why we are Wacky!

Wacky, by true definition, is to be “amusingly eccentric!”  Well said, Webster’s Dictionary!  Here at Ride the Ducks, we strive to be “amusingly eccentric” and it’s our goal to entertain and encourage our guests to find their inner wackiness. 
Our Captains want to make sure that you have a Let-Your-Hair-Down, I’m-On-Vacation, No-Work-For-Me-Today time on your tour!  We know there is a time in everyone’s life, when you just have to go out and PLAY! While riding on a Ride the Ducks’ tour, you can enjoy your playtime by singing, quacking, and laughing through the streets of Seattle and on Lake Union!

Check out one of our Captains as he rocks with his crew to “Stayin’ Alive”.

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