Yes, we’re hoping to build a new boat ramp

March 23, 2013


If you’re a newspaper reader in Seattle, you may have seen today’s article on the front page of the Seattle Times. Yes, Ride the Ducks is hoping to build a new boat ramp on the eastside of Lake Union. Last year, we purchased a small piece of land at the old NOAA site and are currently working with the City of Seattle for the permits to build a ramp in the fall.


We’re excited about the opportunity and we wanted to take a minute to speak up about a couple things:

– This has been an open process. Brian Tracey, our President/CEO, has met twice with the neighborhood associations in a public forum. We’ve listened to their concerns and worked to address them. We’re moving into a new neighborhood and we’re working hard to be great neighbors!

– We want to make the area more pleasant and more beautiful. The plans to beautify Terry Pettus Park and the surrounding area are amazing! The area is currently run-down and you’ll often find vagrants and drug dealers in the area. Currently, there’s a dock for hand-launching small boats, but it’s derelict and the street edge is overgrown. Check it out!

Here is the area now:

And here’s the mock-up for after:

– The 1999 Neighborhood Plan, written by the Eastlake Community Council, said that the city should give “high priority to planning for future uses, including potential expansion of the existing park, recreational activities and preserving the maritime industry,” as this morning’s article reported. We’re thrilled to be able to accomplish all three of these priorities at this location!

– Lake Union is a busy, industrial waterway. There are barges, float planes, recreational boaters and, of course, Ducks on the lake throughout the year. The lake is also smack-dab in the middle of a bustling, growing metropolis in a state where tourism is our fourth largest industry. Over the last 15 years, Ride the Ducks is proud to have been able to show off a beautiful piece of Seattle to more than 1 million tourists and locals who otherwise wouldn’t have had access to it. Have you seen the view of the skyline from Lake Union?! Gorgeous.



Here at Ride the Ducks, we work hard to ensure that we respond to any and all concerns brought to our attention. We try our best to make sure that our guests have a great time and that we’re great neighbors to our friends and other businesses throughout Seattle. We’re not some major corporate business… We’re the Ducks! We’ve been a part of your birthdays, your marriage proposals, your 50th anniversaries and your vacation photos and we’re thrilled you let us be part of those memories!


Did you know that we’re a family-run business? Here, that means that if you work here, you’re part of the Ride the Ducks family. Many on our team grew up in Seattle or have lived here long enough that we consider ourselves natives. We love the city! We love the lake! We love the people who live and work here in Seattle! We come to work every day to do the right thing and to try to make people happy. We’re not the bad guys here. We consider ourselves ambassadors of the city and when you come to Ride the Ducks, we’re here to make sure that you have a great time. When you leave, we want you to leave happy to enjoy the rest of your time in Seattle. If you see the Ducks around town, we want you to smile, maybe wave and think, “That looks like fun! I should do that sometime.”


We appreciate the support that we receive throughout the year from our fans in the community and especially this morning on the comment board on

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