About Us

Our mission 

Welcome to Ride the Duck of Seattle! If you are looking for places that provide honest reviews and guides to level up your boat, you are at the right place. So, the journey to the sea can be much fun when equipped with the best accessories for your boats. Understanding such requirements, we hope to make sure that your trips are enjoyable, memorable, and, most importantly, safe! 

Our vision

We do not limit ourselves with reviews on products but broaden our services by answering every question you have in mind! What does that mean? Well, you can find all the answers about boat accessories here, from ones used to decorate your boats to high-quality pieces that ensure your safety! We do not limit ourselves in the effort to help first-time boaters and even experienced ones in making their journeys awesome!  

Who We Are


Anthony Roberts

Ten years of enjoying countless trips on boats never made me love them any less! So I am here to put all those experiences into good use for other boaters who want to have a safe and fun trip with their friends and families. So far gone are the days that we have to figure out which improvements to do for boats before trips. And I also experienced those hardships, so I know they are not easy games. That’s why we all need helpful guides to ensure all elements of our boats are in good condition before heading to the sea. And instead of hiring professionals, which can cost you big bucks, all the guidance you need is here!


Jonathan Larson

I am passionate about water sports and technical fields, so combining both makes me interested in making contents about boat accessories. With my partner, we went on many trips and sports games together, which led us to think about how we can spread our joys and passions to many people. So, Ride the Ducks of Seattle was built as we hope that more people will join boating because it is so much fun. And equipping the boat with the necessary tools and accessories is not easy. So, our guides and selected products are for you to make well-informed purchases and have peace of mind on your adventures. Good luck!