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The Best Teak Cleaners

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

Before applying something on furniture, deck, and rails made of wood in your boat, you have to clean the surface. You should get rid of dirt and any foreign objects.

Some cases would require sanding and restoration of grayish and worn-out wooden surfaces. You can find some shortcut ways to lessen the workload.

best teak cleaner

From simple cleaning to circumstances that require deep cleaning, you need to have the best teak cleaner. It’s the maintenance item that every vessel owner should purchase.

Aside from the hardwood found in your boat, you can utilize it on furniture sets at home. It can extend the wood’s life span. If you want to know the effective teak cleaning products in the market today, keep reading this review.


<strong>Top 1</strong>

Star Brite Teak Cleaner

+ Focuses best at a small area
+ Easy to apply and safe to use
+ Saves a great deal of laborious cleaning

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

TotalBoat’s Teak Cleaner Kit

+ No need for sanding
+ Doesn’t lift the wood’s grain
+ The cleaner eliminates all the signs of old age.

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Bayes High Performance Teak Cleaner

+ Can restore the damaged wooden surface
+ Makes maintenance less demanding
+ Non-toxic and biodegradable formulation

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Top 10 Teak Cleaner Reviews

1. Star Brite Premium Teak Cleaner

If ever you feel like giving up when dealing with weathered teak or any wood, change your perspective. This cleaner is like heaven-sent to help you revive a wooden surface that has lost its brilliance.

The Star Brite teak cleaner review mentions all the outstanding features of this product. It’s what made me decide that it’s suitable for marine use. I wasn’t wrong, after all. All kinds of fine wood can be taken care of.

The highlight of its function is how it salvages old wooden surfaces. You may think that it’s difficult or almost impossible to wipe away the stain, discoloration, and signs of weathering. But it’s a piece of cake for this cleaner to remove them. Mildew comes off in a matter of seconds.

Its remarkable ability is best at focusing on small areas. I think it’s an advantage as it can concentrate on removing stubborn stains or markings. Therefore, there’s no doubt it can transform a flawed wood into a stunning, new surface. It saves you a great deal of laborious cleaning.

You can achieve this fantastic result without sanding. In terms of application, it’s easy and safe to use. I used a scrub, but you don’t have to do it intensely. Don’t forget to wear gloves when applying. Wash it off immediately as it’s not recommended to allow it to stay on the surface for too long.

I also like how it doesn’t affect nearby painted areas and fiberglass. This cleaner is formulated for teak furniture, but it’s capable of dealing with your boat’s wooden parts as well.
  • Suitable for all kinds of fine wood, teak and wood furniture
  • Salvages old wooden surfaces and make them look new
  • Focuses best at a small area
  • All unwanted markings come off quickly without the need for sanding
  • Easy to apply and safe to use
  • Saves a great deal of laborious cleaning
  • Doesn’t affect painted areas and fiberglass
  • The need to wear gloves when applying
There’s no need to replace the old, wooden sections or furniture set in your boat. Just spend some time cleaning with this product, then you can gain some new things.

2. TotalBoat’s Teak Cleaner Kit

I like the point that TotalBoat wants to promote cleaning teak wood surfaces. I agree with the company’s concept of cleaning wood; you have to brighten it up too. You will be compelled to do it, especially if you have to work on an old boat.

Even though it takes two processes in using this boat teak cleaner kit, I would go for it as I don’t need to sand the surface. I don’t have to overdo things as its formula doesn’t lift the wood’s grain. Sanding could be tedious at times when there’s a lot of cleaning to do.

Part A of this kit is the cleaner used to eliminate salt, stains, dirt, mildew, graying, weathering, and worn-out finishes. I scrubbed the surface lightly, then sprayed the cleaner. Then poof! Tough stains were taken off with so much ease.

The next part is brightening. It’s a very simple step as you apply it and rinse it with water afterward. This brightener creates an attractive golden color that just adds a natural effect. All these things can be achieved effortlessly. At this point, it’s ready for oil, varnish, or sealer.

It comes with a pair of latex gloves but you can get stronger ones. You shouldn’t miss wearing them before cleaning up. The result is quite amazing. I use it in cleaning teak decks, trimmings, and rails. I freaked out when I saw fish blood on my deck. But with this cleaner, I was able to get rid of it.

It also works as the top-rated teak cleaner for outdoor furniture. Thus, it can be used on a furniture set, chairs, ottomans, tables, and more.
  • Consists of teak cleaner and teak brightener
  • No need for sanding
  • Doesn’t lift the wood’s grain
  • The cleaner eliminates all the signs of old age.
  • The brightener makes the wood ready for varnish, oil, or sealer.
  • Can be used on a furniture set, chairs, ottomans, tables, etc.
  • Using gloves when using this product
Cleaning doesn’t give me contentment as I want my wood to shine. Good thing that Totalboat made a teak cleaning kit that includes a brightener.

3. Bayes High Performance Teak Cleaner

Cleaning up my boat, especially the wooden sections, stresses me out. When I started using this product, it became manageable for me. The formula penetrates the wood and protects it later on. Based on my experience, it makes maintenance less demanding.

As seen in its name, it has a high performance in removing grayish parts, stains, spots, cracks, and dry areas. Thanks to its oil-based formula which can restore damaged teak or other wood.

Its amazing effects stand out from numerous teak restorer products being sold in the market today. Aside from eliminating unnecessary particles on the surface, I witnessed that it can also give my deck superior protection.

This cleaner functions as a sealer as it forms a barrier that keeps away moisture, rain, sunlight, and other damaging environmental elements. It’s very helpful in preserving my boat’s condition. You may also use it on a yacht and wooden furniture.

I love its cleaning ability and the protection coming from it. But I can’t miss noticing the shine that it leaves the surface. It only proves its function as a restorer. It’s even effective on the 43-year old table that my mom gave me. I find it nourishing, and I think it’s because of the lemon and essential oils.

I like products that are effective and yet, non-toxic and biodegradable. I get to gain benefits without harming the environment. This cleaner is one of the best examples. It’s sold in a sprayer bottle, which is non-aerosol and recyclable. The spray didn’t work once, but the application went well with a rag.
  • Makes maintenance less demanding
  • Has a high performance in removing unwanted particles
  • Can restore the damaged wooden surface
  • Protects from harsh environmental elements
  • Nourishing the wood and leaves the surface shiny
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable formulation
  • Stored in a recyclable and non-aerosol bottle
  • The spray can sometimes act up
It does almost everything for me to keep my boat in nice condition. All I need is a sealer after using this cleaner.

4. Golden Care Teak Cleaner

It works more than just a teak wood cleaner as it can do more than just wiping off dirt on wooden surfaces. The formula can get rid of things that stick on the surface and even restore dull and worn-out appearance.

I love how it gives my porch and furniture the honey brown color. I think that’s the reason it’s on the list of teak cleaners and brighteners. Since it’s useful in the improvement of some things at home, my husband used it to clean his boats. To his surprise, the result is impressive.

A highly-formulated cleaner like this one can be an efficient cleaner and awesome brightener all at the same. It’s water-based and environmentally friendly. So it’s great that it won’t harm the surrounding. I can conclude that we preserve our boat and furniture safely.

Application is easy, and it can be done quickly. A scrubbing pad is included in the package. It depends on the wood’s condition whether you have to use it lightly or put a bit of pressure. Stains, the effect of sunlight, and signs of oxidation can be removed with no doubt. No more gray or black areas!

It also gives your boat protection that lasts three times longer than the other brands. I find it easier and more effective if it’s being applied with a spray bottle and a brush. You can always figure out which method works for you.

If you have some furniture that has been untouched for years, take them out of your garage. Revive them with this cleaner. My husband took the challenge of renovating an old boat, and he’s happy about it.
  • Gets rid of unwanted bits on the wooden surface
  • Can restore dull, old wood
  • Leaves a honey brown color
  • Doubles as an awesome brightener
  • Water-based and environmentally friendly
  • Its protection three times lasts longer than some other brands.
  • Comes with a scrubbing pad
  • Some may find spraying and brush are better tools for using this cleaner.
A cleaner and a brightener are combined in this product. It also tells you that old wooden things can still be used after cleaning them well.

5. Star Brite Teak Cleaner & Brightener

I found out about this one-step teak cleaner upon browsing a Star Brite teak cleaner review. It’s not just a cleaner but a brightener too, so I’m hooked with its result. I even introduced it to my friends, and just like me, they also enjoyed using it and compared it with Iosso teak cleaner.

I don’t long to find a better teak cleaner, so I use it on any teak and fine wood. It’s so useful in maintaining my precious boat, which is often taken out during summer. Before the sailing season comes, I need to clean my deck and rails before oiling them. With its efficacy, the required preparation is effortlessly done.

A single step of using this cleaner saves much time and effort. But you may need to add some work on severely stained and dirty wood. You can directly apply the formula to the affected areas with the help of a brush or a scrub. You may need to do it twice, but it’s not back-breaking anyway.

Application on slightly weathered wood begins with washing the surface with water then applying the cleaner with the same tools. Just scrub lightly. You don’t have to worry about ruining painted areas or fiberglass when working on your wooden deck. I’m saying this because of my experience.

Even the nasty teak tiles that are scattered in my garden became clean as well. Working with this cleaner pays off. Everything you tidied up looks new, and you can apply oil or sealer. It makes the old appearance of wood nowhere to be seen. No oil, grime, and dirt remain.

I also want to talk about its formula as it’s biodegradable. It doesn’t contain any harmful acids and phosphate, so I’m at ease to use.
  • Cleaner and brightener did in one step; thus, it saves you time and effort
  • For teak and fine woods
  • Doesn’t ruin painted areas and fiberglass
  • Makes aged wooden surfaces look new
  • Safe and biodegradable formula
  • Cleaner and brightener did in one step; thus, it saves you time and effort
  • For teak and fine woods
  • Doesn’t ruin painted areas and fiberglass
  • Makes aged wooden surfaces look new
  • Safe and biodegradable formula
I won’t proceed to the application of oil and sealer on my boat without cleaning it first with this safe-to-use formula.

6. Better Boat Teak Cleaner

When using a homemade teak cleaner, sanding is needed for deep-seated stain and aged markings. I can skip this tedious process by using this cleaner. It’s made for easy removal of stains, dirt, lime-deposits, and build-ups caused by any kind of water.

I’m glad I chose this among dozens of teak care products. It’s capable of erasing any sign of depreciation to revive and restore the wood. It has an amazing ability in fighting damages caused by rain, seawater, and sunlight. Boats or water vessels are usually exposed to these elements.

Hence, this is a marine teak cleaner that eliminates gray or black teak and dullness. It works further by restoring the new look of wood. Once achieving a flawless surface after cleaning, you can apply a brightener or sealer. Accents on your boat, catamaran, or yacht will improve for sure.

I also tried this cleaner on furniture, and the result is splendid. So you can have it on tables, chairs, cabinets, and other woodwork. It’s highly effective for all kinds of wood that need deep cleaning, just like how Wessex teak cleaner works.

In my opinion, the best part of this teak cleaner is its safe formula. No harsh acids are present; therefore, it won’t harm fiberglass and painted areas. I don’t have to be so conscious when applying it, and I can avoid messing things up.

The application is uncomplicated. All you have to do is to apply, lightly scrub, and rinse it with clean water. Give it a minute or two before rinsing. I need to make sure that the surface is free of every drop of this cleaner, so I used a power washer. A teak brush or scrubber will assist you with the job.
  • Revives and restores rough woods
  • Can remove deep-seated stains or marks and gray or black color
  • Gives you a surface ready for oiling or sealing
  • Can be used for all types of wood
  • Has a safe formula, free from harsh acids
  • Won’t harm fiberglass and painted areas
  • Uncomplicated application
  • Power washer during rinsing
This cleaner has a safe formula that can deal with deep-seated stains. It brings out a new look for the final result.

7. AquaTeak Teak Cleaner and Brightener

It’s not only for teak wood but for all fine woods. Its efficacy is superb compared to the ones that I used before. It’s magnificent in cleaning the wooden surface as it doesn’t require full-scale scrubbing. When the wood is just dry and slightly weathered, just wash it with water first then brush it with the cleaner.

In the case of gray or black teak and seriously weathered surface, the cleaner can be directly applied. You need a brush with a soft bristle to spread it evenly. Allow it to stay for two to three minutes before you lightly scrub the surface after the direction of the grain.

The cleaner needs to be rinsed once the necessary step is done. Let it dry before applying some oil or sealer. As you can see, you’re only a step behind before you achieve the clean state of your boat. You have to wear a pair of gloves every time you apply it to the wood.

It is a biodegradable formula for the wooden sections of your boat. You can also use it in maintaining the condition of your teak furniture or the ones made out of other kinds of wood, including the exotic ones.

Its ability to remove dirt and stain is remarkable. The best part is I don’t have to scrub hard. No matter how large the area to be taken care of, it doesn’t tire me up quickly. It revitalizes the appearance of the wood and you’ll love the result for sure. It’s how it works as a brightener.

No one would tell if your boat and furniture are decades old. Cleaning teak or wood is done for longevity and this product assures of it.
  • For teak and all fine woods
  • Can completely clean a seriously weathered and dirty surface
  • Cleaning is done with less effort and time
  • No need to scrub so hard
  • Can take care of furniture that is made of exotic wood
  • Revitalizes the look of the wood
  • Wearing gloves during application is needed
The seriously weathered surface will be gone in a matter of minutes with this teak cleaner.

8. Star Brite Snappy Teak-Nu Quart Kit

If you want to save yourself from a lot of work cleaning the deck and rail of your boat and some furniture pieces, getting this kit is your way out. Sanding and hard scrubbing take a lot of time and effort. Using an efficient cleaner will allow you to skip those procedures.

Nevertheless, you can acquire a surface that looks like the result of sanding. There’s no need to use bronze wool in eliminating weathering effects, graying, rusting, and strains. After it gets rid of those undesirable things, it reveals a brand new looking wooden surface.

I use it to clean my deck, and I can say that it has a safe formula. It doesn’t soften or break the wood. There are two formulas in this kit, and they can deal with any condition.

When cleaning a severely tarnished surface, let the formula one turn the wood dark brown before scrubbing. You can do it lightly without much pressure and strength. Formula two will take out the tiniest dirt that got stuck in the grains.

If the wood is just slightly soiled, you have to dilute formula one in water with a ratio of 1 is to 2. You can lighten the dilution to 1 to 10 if the wood is fairly clean. The rest of the steps are the same as the previous case.

The final step of the cleaning is rinsing. Make sure you rinse off every bit of the cleaner so it won’t leave any streak. Each formula should have its own brush. If you only have one, make sure you clean it very well before using it to apply another formula.

You have to prevent the formulas from mixing as it will cause neutralization. It’s fine if it occurs in the wood, but it’s not useful within the brush.
  • No need for sanding and scrubbing
  • Removes unwanted things in the wood, even the tiniest dirt in the grain
  • Gives a brand new look
  • Two formulas can deal with any condition.
  • The application doesn’t need much pressure and strength.
  • The need to avoid neutralizing the formulas in the brush
Cleaning the wooden part of your boat shouldn’t be painstakingly challenging. It’s something that this kit can prove.

9. JustTeak Cleaner and Brightener Kit

Teak cleaners can be great at removing bothersome stains and spots. These things are usually seen on aged wood. I realized that things need to be spiced up after cleaning. So I opted for this kit that has a cleaner and a brightener. Old surfaces need to be revived by giving some sheen.

As long as you use these two products properly, you will turn things into their new state. It’s not an exaggeration but I just want to share what I’ve gained from using them. It would only take like 15 minutes to get everything done. I’ve turned some antique furniture pieces into very nice-looking ones.

Since the formulation is from a marine-grade system, I wasn’t reluctant to try it. It’s not damaging to the teak or any wood and the environment as well as it follows the standards of MARPOL guidelines. You can clean and brighten your boat with ease and in no time.

Part one formula renews the precious teak by getting rid of old coatings, stains, and graying. The second formula is mainly for brightening but it can also be used for wiping off light stains.

You can use a scrub or soft cleaning pad. The formula shouldn’t be allowed to turn dry so scrubbing should be continuous until you get things done.

Move against the direction of the grain to reveal and remove the dirt. Rinse right away once sufficient scrubbing is given to the wood. You can repeat the step if needed.

You can use the same things for applying the brightener. The surface shouldn’t dry out when doing it. Do the same steps from formula one to gain a lighter than before the surface. Rinsing should be done without delay too.
  • Cleaning can be done in a matter of minutes
  • Can be used on old furniture
  • Formula from marine grade system
  • Has the ability to both clean and brighten the wood
  • Gets rid of old coatings, graying, and stain
  • Should be no delay when rinsing after application.
This kit helps me a lot in maintaining my boat and reviving the looks of old furniture.

10. Furniture Clinic Garden Restoration Kit

In my point of view, cleaning a boat doesn’t end in getting rid of stains and spots but making it look even better. This goal can be done with old wooden decks and furniture if you use everything in this restoration kit. I think it’s wise and practical to get.

This kit has a cleaner, brightener, and oil. Doing all three steps gives you an amazing outcome. You have to start by using the cleaner. Shake the bottle first before proceeding to dilution following the ratio of 1:5 (teak cleaner to warm water).

I scrub the wood first to loosen up grime and dirt. Then I use a cloth to wipe down the bits. Make sure no cleaner leaves the surface by rinsing it off with clean water.

After getting rid of unwanted things, the wood color should be enhanced by using a brightener. The ratio should be 1:1, and use gloves in applying the substance. It should follow the grain’s direction. Leave it for a few minutes before rinsing.

Dry it first before applying the teak oil. Follow the grain’s direction too, when you apply it with a lint-free cloth. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before you wipe off the excess oil. The substance should be absorbed well by the wood. Give it 4 to 6 hours to dry.

As you can see, it’s not only for cleaning but maintaining the wooden surface. It’s applicable as the most favorite teak furniture cleaner and on boats exposed to different environmental elements. Using this kit once a year keeps my boat in good condition.
  • Gets rid of stain and spot
  • Three-in-one kit (cleaner, brightener, oil)
  • Gives an amazing result
  • Brightener enhances the wood color.
  • Great for wood maintenance
  • Requires going through all three steps
All the effort and time spent in applying this kit are worth it. The teak cleaner and oil works on the wood color. The brightener adds some shine.

11. DITEC Marine Teak Cleaner

The formula of this teak deck cleaner is safe for all types of wood. It’s even fine with a gel coat and painted surface. It also contains metal inhibitors, so you won’t affect nearby metal surfaces. So I don’t have trouble every time I use it on my teak deck.

Aside from teak wood, you can utilize it for other kinds of wood too. I’ve found out that it’s more effective than those with acids like glycolic, phosphoric, and citric. It’s highly formulated, so I was impressed from the very first time that I used it. Thus, I continue using it up to these days.

I no longer need to be worried about the weather and environmental factors to damage my deck. Since the application is being done regularly, no stains or spots can remain and completely tarnish the wooden surface. The natural wood color is maintained too.

It undeniably works well in cleaning both the deck and furniture. What’s more to anticipate is its brightening effect, which is important in enhancing the wood appearance. It’s not just removing any unwanted marks or stains but making it look good too.

Its price is relatively lower than other brands. It’s safe to say that every gallon of this cleaner and brightener is cost-efficient. When it comes to application, the surface may either be dry or damp. What you need to avoid is making the wood saturated.

Place the cleaner for 30 seconds to 5 minutes as it depends on the wood condition. I used a brush that would go parallel with the direction of the grain. Then rinse with clean water. The formula is safe for metal surfaces, but I still wash them if the cleaner has reached them.
  • Safe for all types of wood
  • Won’t destroy gel coat and painted surfaces
  • Has metal inhibitors
  • Safer yet more effective than acids
  • Keep the deck and other woodwork in good condition.
  • Removes stains and marks while maintaining the natural color of the wood
  • Cost-efficient
  • Not recommended for saturated wood
I prefer using a safe formula that works as a teak cleaner should. It’s cost-efficient and brightens at the same time.

12. Semco 2Part Teak Cleaner Gallon Size

The main reason why I get this gallon-sized teak cleaner is due to the largeness of my boat. I just thought of quantity and not quality. I didn’t expect that this cleaner works amazingly.

I know it’s my fault that there are some gray areas on my boat as I used unreliable products before. I didn’t have much time to mind about my boat, but I recently developed a fondness for water sports. I spend most of my time on the waters and with my boat, which needs proper cleaning.

It’s the ultimate cleaner that can eliminate graying, teak oil, fuel stains, and fish blood. Cleaning becomes easy peasy with this product. Hard scrubbing is not necessary as it strips down dirt with ease. It’s the job of the part one gallon with a pink color formula.

Part two is in a green-colored substance, and it’s to brighten the surface. I appreciate this part even though I need to do another procedure. It’s necessary to give some shine to an aged wooden surface. The natural color of the wood is inevitably worn off through time.

The result of this formula is simply awesome. My pals also started using it when they saw the cleanliness and luster of my boat. We all think that it will be our lifetime cleaner and brightener. It’s a big help for people who live in an area that receives the most sun based on its ability.

I think it works better than what the advertisement says about it. When cleaning weathered teak or any wood, it does its job thoroughly. Although there’s no adequate instruction regarding its use, every user can manage it. I used a scrub, and cloth is acceptable too.
  • Great for large boats or areas
  • The ultimate cleaner to eliminate graying, teak oil, fuel stains, fish blood
  • Strips down dirt and graying with ease; hard scrubbing is not necessary.
  • The brightener brings back the luster of old wood.
  • Cleans thoroughly
  • No adequate instruction for the cleaning process
Getting a gallon of this cleaner and brightener will allow you to accomplish the cleanest surface of your large boat as it has the needed quantity and quality for that job.

What is Teak Cleaner and How Does It Work


The formulation of teak cleaner is safe and easy to use. It is designed to clean teak wood and other kinds of wood. It lessens the tasks that you need to do, like sanding and hard rubbing. But still, you will have a result that is similar to those procedures.

It does more than just cleaning the wooden surface. Serious cases like gray teak and weathered wood can be taken care of. It’s safe for wooden furniture. No hazardous acids are in its content and don’t raise the grains. Using it on household items is being practical.

Utilizing a teak cleaner is necessary before you apply teak oil, sealer, or any varnish. To make further enhancement on the wood, you have to make sure that it’s clean. The best part is that it’s safe for fiberglass and painted surfaces, so preparation goes smoothly.

Applying teak cleaner is so effective, yet it’s easy and fast with less effort and no difficulty. It’s a way of cleaning and restoring wood at the same time. You will be able to eliminate mold, mildew, slime, oil, dust, grime, and slime. A teak cleaner can take them out even though they get stuck in the grains.

The utilization of teak cleaner is based on your needs. Some brands work both as a cleaner and a brightener. Of course, you may use it before the application of oil or sealer.

Its ability to eliminate build-ups and accumulation, whether light or severe, is outstanding. That’s what makes it useful for marine life, which involves seawater and freshwater. It takes down any restraints in releasing the wood’s aesthetic appeal.

Generally, teak cleaners work in an instant, and you can wrap things up in a matter of minutes. It’s flexible too as you can have it as a boat cleaner and use it to tidy furniture pieces. This formula can even revive aged and worn wood.

There’s no need to scrub so hard just to give your wood a rejuvenated look. After gentle scrubbing, you can rinse it with clean or warm water. You may use a cloth, a brush, or a teak scrubber. It can take care of your hull, deck, consoles, tables as well as accents on catamarans and yachts.

Types of Teak Cleaners

There are various teak cleaners found in the market these days. Although different from each other, all of them are formulated with non-toxic components, making the cleaner safe for both humans and the environment. Make sure you get one that it conforms to safety regulations.

They may be different, but they’re usually easy to use. Even newbies can use it properly. Their performance is outstanding, and it makes application a breeze.

Some teak cleaners work as brighteners too. So some users don’t mind applying any sealer or oil as they are satisfied with the result of the cleaner. It will depend on the wood condition.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Teak Cleaner


A teak cleaner helps you to clear the wooden surface before you proceed to oiling and sealing. It’s done to gain a very pleasing outcome. To be more detailed, here are some perks of using a teak cleaner:

  • It won’t take a lot of time when you clean any wooden surface with teak cleaner since it is formulated with high-quality contents. Even though it can be done quickly, the result is still remarkable.
  • Worn, grayish surfaces can be taken care of by the cleaner’s formula. Eliminating the effects of long-term use and exterior elements can be eliminated with no troubles. After cleansing, you will find a new-looking wood on your boat or furniture set.

It instills the warmth and richness of wood’s natural color. Dullness is wiped out, and no one can tell if the wood has been there for a very long time.

  • To be successful with oiling and sealing, it’s important that you completely get rid of the surface of any dirt or spots. A teak cleaner can help you with this necessary process. You must do these steps to achieve the desired new look of wood.

Some people would opt for a homemade cleaning solution like adding vinegar to the water. But there’s a big difference with a teak cleaner. Not only can you achieve outstanding results, but it will save you much time and effort. Cleaning won’t be cumbersome, even though it’s a thorough process.

Although tidying the teak or any wood with a teak cleaner is uncomplicated and quick, you still have to be attentive to details. You have to pay attention during the rinsing part. Ensure that the cleaner doesn’t leave a residue, so you have to wash the surface well. Some situations even require a power washer.

Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a teak cleaner, there are some things that you have to weigh in. You may ask yourself whether you’re making the right decision or not.


The consideration of the price should coincide with your budget. Ditch the idea that expensive brands always give the top quality. You should be smart to check the pros and the cons before coming up with your final decision.

Uncomplicated Application

The chosen teak cleaner should stand to its promise of easy and uncomplicated application. Avoid the ones that require complicated steps, which would only make you feel perplexed. It can get worse when it becomes laborious.


You should see to it that you’re safe when doing a cleaning project. The toxic formulation is a big ‘NO’ for your sake. Avoid products that pose a danger to your well-being.

It’s not only for your safety but for your boat as well. Not all products can protect the wooden hull, deck, and rails. You may end up damaging the teak or wood instead of cleaning. It’s the importance of being sure of the one that you get.

The Economical Side

It’s fine to spend money as long as you get your boat looking nice and new. But it can be ludicrous in some cases if you spend more money because multiple applications are required.


The efficacy of the product is what buyers are after. A dependable teak cleaner should be able to get rid of dust, mold, mildew, grime, dirt, and bacteria that exist in the wood.

Care and Maintenance

When you haven’t finished using the whole teak cleaner container, you can store it in a dry and cool place. Close it tightly and ensure that it’s an area where it won’t fall. So the ideal place is a closet.

When it comes to application, it should also be handled with care. Using this formula is better when you begin at the bottom part first. You can just go up for the upper area. It should be executed to prevent mishaps and irregularities from occurring.

Some people would prefer starting at the top especially with large wooden sections. It’s the most noticeable part but working on it first will only make things worse. You may end up with a hideous result. Wipe the surface carefully to make the cleaner work.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best teak cleaner?

The ones who make the top-tier teak cleaner are Star Brite, TotalBoat, Bayes, Golden Care, Better Boat, AquaTeak, Semco, Snappy Teak-Nu, JustTeak, Furniture Clinic Garden, and DITEC.

What is the best way to clean teak?

Some would opt for a DIY cleaning solution to deal with some things that need to be removed from the wood.

Using a DIY cleaner requires you to be more attentive especially if the wood is heavily soiled. Scrubbing can be done gently but it would take a couple of minutes. A brush or a scrub can help you take care of the removal of stains and dirt.

If you have a safely formulated teak cleaner, it’s more advantageous than a DIY cleaner. Due to the former’s formula for easy and quick cleaning, you can skip scrubbing and sanding as well. The teak cleaner does most of the job for you.

It does to all types of wood even the aged or antique ones. With the ease of use, a quick finish, strong, and ability as a brightener, there’s no doubt that using a teak cleaner is the best way to clean teak.

Can you clean teak with vinegar?

To know that vinegar can be used for cleaning teak, it’s best to identify its properties. Acetic acid is in this cooking ingredient so it can be utilized as a cleaner and disinfectant.

The acidic nature of vinegar has the strength to dissolve grease, dirt, grime, and mineral deposits. It has the power to exterminate bacteria too. There are various types of vinegar which are apple cider, balsamic, white distilled, and white or red wine.

Among the various types of vinegar, the distilled one is the best at cleaning teak or wood. It’s also because it’s transparent and no color would stain the wood. It contains 5% of acidity which equals the number of multi-purpose cleaners.

You may use the white vinegar for cleaning but you should expect a strong odor coming from it. If you can’t stand it, you can use apple cider instead as it has a similar cleaning strength. It has a slight sweet smell because it’s processed from fruits. But then, dilution is necessary as it has a dark color.

Whichever vinegar you’ll use for cleaning, the smell will linger for some time even after cleaning. To cover up the smell, you can add some essential oils like lavender, lemon, and peppermint. You can also do the application with windows open or much better in a ventilated area.

Can you pressure wash teak wood?

Pressure washing teak is known as a conventional method in removing reserved or build-up of dirt. However, there’s a downside as it might turn teak wood bumpy or pitted. It results in needing to sand the surface later on to regain its natural and smooth finish.

Since the practice of power washing is still ongoing, you may do it as well but make some modifications. It’s recommended to use a power washer with a low PSI. If you’re using the one with high power, decrease the water volume. It’s best if you use a wide-spread nozzle.

Look for the widest nozzle that is within the 40-degree angle. It should be away from the teak wood at least 12 inches. Test the pressure of the washer on the underside of the deck or furniture. You have to judge if the strength and distance from the wood are fine with the wood.

To avoid harming the teak, control the washer when passing to every section. The strokes should be nice and even. To remove the dirt, create ‘bathtub rings’ at the end of the strokes. A pressure washer can help you when cleaning your teak. It would require you to be extra careful though.

Where can I buy?

Finding a teak cleaner will take you to your local hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot. Going there by yourself is fine. But you shouldn’t miss the chance to know the wide range of teak cleaners in the market today.

You can find various options online and you will be able to find the best one. Local hardware stores can only offer limited choices. You can also get some information online from comments and testimonies of real users. It will help you decide the product that will work for you.

Make sure you browse the reliable website. You may also get a discount and avail promos.


There are numerous advantages when you use the best teak cleaner for your boat’s hull, rails, and decks. Cleaning those wooden parts and teak furniture won’t demand too much effort. The application is a breeze. But you can achieve an outstanding result that makes maintenance successful as well. It prolongs the life of the wood as it continues to display its natural color and luster.

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