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The Best Boat Trailer Lights

Written by Anthony Roberts / Fact checked by Jonathan Larson

When you travel by boat, lights are essential for maximum visibility. It’s because most jurisdictions require transports of a vessel to be done at night. So it won’t contribute to traffic congestion.

best boat trailer lights

There are chances that the trailer lights will be submerged into the water too. Minding possibilities will make you want to get the best boat trailer lights. You will be able to avoid dimming issues and chances of breakage. Then you can travel on your boat safe and sound.

Every user should understand the specifications and details of the boat trailer light kit. It provides the lighting solution that helps you transfer your boat to one place and another. Here’s a comprehensive review of the top 14 trailer lights that you need for your boat.


<strong>Top 1</strong>


+ A fulls service trailer light kit
+ Easy installation
+ Has non-corrosive housing

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<strong>Top 2</strong>

CZC Rectangular

+ Has a wide application
+ Bright and has a longer life
+ Rated as IP68 waterproof

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<strong>Top 3</strong>

Wellmax LED

+ With premium LED lights
+ Can fit any trailer
+ Compliant to DOT regulations

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Top 14 Boat Trailer Light Reviews

1. MAXXHAUL 70205 12V Trailer Light

It’s the right LED trailer light for me as it’s a full-service kit. It means that it includes the things that you may need, such as the parts for installation. You can have clearance lights, rear reflectors, side reflectors, side marker lights, tail, stop, and turn signal lights.

There’re a license plate bracket, four-way connectors, wire caps, and wiring harness for the installation. The wiring harness is coded in the lengths of 23feet and 4 feet. The wires are covered with UV jackets.

It’s a multi-functional utility trailer, so you can expect good quality from it. Since it’s with a LED light, high visibility is expected. It’s much better than the old school incandescent light as it has a better light quality and can last longer.

Using LED light has many advantages. It needs lower energy compared with the traditional lights yet manifests better performance. Additionally, it produces a bright light that is suitable for being a license plate light. Hence, it’s ideally used for boats, trailers, and campers.

This trailer light kit also promises durability because of its non-corrosive housing. The parts are tough enough to establish a rugged construction. Thus, it can withstand harsh weather. I can attest to that as I’ve used it during rainy and snowy days.

Installation can be done easily as the necessary parts are provided. When doing it, I noticed that the side lens is with standard bulbs. I was unimpressed at first but then realized that I need to double-check some things. It needs to be done to comply with the rigid quality inspection of DOT.
  • A fulls service trailer light kit
  • Necessary parts for installation provided
  • With LED lights for high visibility and longer use
  • Has non-corrosive housing and rugged construction
  • Easy installation
  • Compliant to DOT
  • The side lenses are with a standard bulb.
I love everything about this submersible LED boat trailer light kit, as I would only need to tend to the installation process. Once I made it work, I’m satisfied with its bright light.

2. CZC Rectangular Trailer Lights

I know the CZC Auto brand as a reliable company when honing a product. So I’m not wrong when saying that this is the best waterproof LED boat trailer lights. It’s my point of view as it has wide applications.

With this pair of lights, it carries out all the functions of trailer lights. It operates as a combination of running and stop lights, license plate light, and turn signal indicator. These things are best applied on a marine boat truck over the 80-inch width of a towing trailer.

I’m amused at how bright it is with the LED lights. The visibility coming from them is not disappointing. Also, they have a longer life span. Traditional incandescent lights can’t beat these abilities.

I checked the LED lights for the sake of being specific. The front part has 12 diodes in the left light, while six diodes are on the sides. The four white diodes that are facing downwards are the license plate lights. There are 18 diodes with the right light on which 12 are in the front and six at the back.

These trailer lights abide by DOT regulations; therefore, it has a rating of IP68 waterproof. The manufacturer sees to it that this feature is flawless. Sonic welding technology is applied, and the 18-inch gauge is made of pure copper wires to make it completely submersible.

Every existing hole is glued to block any elements like water or dust. It has submerged into the water many times, and nothing went inside it. It’s wonderful as its producer is confident enough to provide a 12-month warranty. It seems that I don’t need to claim it.

You will have a bag of mounting hardware and a manual for instruction. But make sure that the wires are not too short when you start using this product as taillights. The wiring diagram can walk you through this case.
  • Has a wide application
  • It can be a combination of all functions of trailer lights.
  • Bright and has a longer life
  • Abides by DOT regulations
  • Rated as IP68 waterproof
  • Has a 12-month warranty
  • Has a manual for instructions
  • Have to check if the wires are not too short for the function as tail lights
This CZC auto 12V is the right submersible trailer lights for me as it has a waterproof construction, and the proof is the IP68 rating.

3. Wellmax LED Trailer Lights

What I look at trailer lights is its ability to match any related application. This product from Wellmax caters to my standards. The premium LEDs are the main items of these trailer lights. The light that they provide lasts 30 or 40 times longer than the incandescent type.

With the presence of LED lights, I don’t need to replace a bulb from time to time. It saves me some time and money. The best part is that I’m confident that these trailer lights will guide me boat through transports or transfers.

These lights are also cost-effective. Why? They have a flexible size, which means they fit trailers of up to 80 inches wide. Thus, you won’t have trouble allowing it to fit into different shapes and sizes of a trailer.

I think these lights are reliable because of their durable structure. The lights and wire circuits are encased in the acrylic lens to ensure that they will be protected from any element. They remain operable during inclement weather, so I know they are long-lasting. It has a rating of Ip65 waterproof too.

The materials are composed of non-corrosive materials. This kit has two pieces of 12V LED for tail lights and turns signal lights. For easy fastening during installation, stainless steel hardware is available.

There’s no problem when I installed these lights on my new trailer as the necessary parts are provided. It’s only with my old trailer that I need to add some wires. The color codes of the light don’t match.

These trailer lights are also compliant with DOT regulations. So possible physical injury and risk of property damages are prevented. It is the top-rated submersible boat trailer light as it’s reliable, visible, and durable. It follows the law as it’s for the safety of everyone and everything around them.
  • Can match any related application
  • With premium LED lights
  • Can fit any trailer
  • Has a durable structure and IP65 waterproof
  • Compliant to DOT regulations
  • Need extra wires for old trailers
I’m confident when using my trailer with these lights to transport my boat.

4. Carrep Boat Trailer Light

There are two things that I’m attentive to when choosing the waterproof LED boat trailer lights. They are the brightness and the ability to serve as trailer lights. With the 625 lumens from LED lights, it can fulfill the much-needed illumination in transporting a boat.

I love how the brightness doesn’t glare back at me. There’s a tough lens that protects these submersible lights. I’m impressed with the ultrasonic welding technology used by the manufacturer to secure the light. Harness and PCB, together with waterproof glue, give more support.

Since it’s sealed, it is rated as IP68 waterproof. The housing is made of top quality plastic, and it’s anti-corrosion. So its 16 LEDs SMD 5050 lamp beads won’t be interrupted in doing its job as LED trailer tail lights. They are all eligible to be on different parts of the trailer.

They can serve seven functions: tail, turn, stop, rear reflex, rear clearance, side reflex, and side marker. It’s also a great license plate light.

These boat trailer LED tail lights are made for towing vehicles of under 80 inches in length. They can be in trailers, trucks, van, lorry, caravan, bus, snowmobile, and more. These lights complied with the rules of DOT.

A 22-feet wire harness is included in this trailer light kit. You have to be mindful of the colors and the designated place for each piece. What I did is attach the yellow to the left stop and turn light. The part located on the opposite and the right side is for green wire.

The brown one is for the LED taillights, while the white ground should be placed on the towing vehicle’s frame. So you don’t need any manual as you know where the wires should be. I was able to figure it out on my own without any guide. The lights on my trailer are doing fine so far and better than Seasense tail light.
  • 625 lumens of LED for super bright light
  • Has a submersible lens and a rating of IP68 waterproof
  • Has non-corrosive housing
  • Can serve many functions as trailer lights
  • Complies with DOT rules
  • No manual guide for wires
It’s one of the best products that I bought. With it, I don’t have a problem with using my boat trailer at night.

5. ONLINE LED Trailer Light Bar

These three red trailer lights in a single bar are amazing. It’s what you need when you have trailers that are wider than 80 inches. It provides maximum visibility when you place it on the top of your trailer or truck.

If you want to gain extra illumination because of the wideness of your vehicle, you can position it between the taillights. The unbeatable brightness from these LEDs is enhanced further by the red reflective lights that are of premium quality and certified by DOT.

You are assured of your safety and other motorists since the light acts as a warning. I’m happy with this trailer light bar as it’s suitable for everyday operation. This appreciation goes to the frame’s solid construction. The stainless steel bracket has a water drainage notch.

I was able to submerge my boat trailer in the water and I don’t hesitate to use it during rainy days. It has proven its worth as being rated as IP67 waterproof. So it remains effective in the midst of harsh weather. Neither dust nor water can seep inside, so it’s even more durable.

Availing this trailer light bar comes with a pack of screws and an instruction manual that you both need for installation. I love how easy and straightforward the installation is. Wiring it up is not complicated as there are notches on the bracket.

You can make it work instantly as the installation is easy. I just did some work on tacking the wires in the frame with the help of a glue gun. It doesn’t take much effort as a few dabs are fine.
  • Perfect for trailers wider than 80 inches
  • Gives maximum brightness
  • Has reflective lens certified by DOT
  • Has solid construction
  • IP67 waterproof and completely submersible
  • Straightforward and easy installation
  • Needs to tack in the wires
Don’t give yourself some trouble in finding the right trailer lights as this one works best for trailers wider than 80 inches.

6. Wesbar Side Marker Light

I came across this product when I was looking for boat trailer replacement lights. I was reluctant at first because it’s small, but they are just portable boat trailer lights. When it lights up, I understand how it serves its purpose. It works great with my 20-feet trailer.

I want my trailer lights to be tough and long-lasting as it can’t be avoided that they will be dipped into the water. They excel in this aspect. The incandescent bulb is sealed in an enclosed wall of epoxy resin.

It is highly resistant to breakage so you can use it for a decent period. This feature is established by its polycarbonate housing or lens.

The sealing of this bright light can be described as tight enough not to allow sounds to enter. That’s why it’s so easy to transport my boat even if it means crossing the water. These trailer lights are submersible. They are still visible as they function as clearance light.

There are two choices for the color of the lights: red and amber. I used these lights as boat trailer running lights. They also act as a reliable side marker light.

There’s a 15-inch pigtail wire for installation. You can choose to mount the light by ear-mount or stud-mount. Once you mount it correctly, it fulfills the requirements set by FMVSS or CMVSS 108 requirements for clearance or marker light.

The only struggle that I went through is drilling new holes as the size is different from the previous trailer lights. I was able to work things out for it, thankfully. I love how the light is so helpful for transporting my boat. The manufacturer has proven its credibility for many decades and also with this light.
  • Small light but works well
  • Tough and long-lasting
  • High resistance to harmful elements
  • Submersible thanks to the tight sealing
  • Can ear-mount or stud-mount
  • Met FMVSS or CMVSS 108 requirements
  • Some users may need to drill new holes for mounting.
Wesbar is a company that has been around for decades, and it’s still serving the buyers until this time. These red and amber clearance lights will prove it to you.

7. CZC Trailer Tail Light

These are submersible LED boat trailer lights that have everything you need for transporting your boat. I’m saying this because of the convenience and ease that I experienced.

It can play seven roles, such as a stop turn light, tail light, rear reflector, side reflector, side marker light, and license plate light. This light fits utility trailers, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, RVs, and trucks with a width below 80 feet. The lights are very bright; no wonder that it guarantees your safety.

The LED lights go through a photometric inspection, so they were able to be DOT compliant. Thus, they received an FMVSS1108 certificate, which is based on the department’s approval. That’s why these super bright lights promote visibility. I also marveled at its long life span.

These are submersible lights because they are waterproof. The solid covering of these tail lights is made from the pattern of sonic welding sealing technology. I’m at ease as every hole where the wires go is covered with quality marine glue.

When it comes to wires, you have to be careful when connecting them to avoid any mishaps. There may be a short circuit when they go deep underwater. Bolting them is quite easy as you don’t have to get an extra ground connection. A wiring diagram is provided to guide you through installation.

Mounting these lights can be done on the sides and at the back of the trailer. CZC is a reliable company as they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee when some unfavorable things happen. Customers are given assurance by giving a 12-month warranty.
  • Can be used as different trailer lights
  • Has certificate approved by DOT
  • Gives off bright light for visibility
  • Has a solid covering and waterproof
  • Wiring diagram for easy bolting of wires
  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty
  • A short circuit might happen if wires are not connected correct
The bright light from this product is what makes it the best!

8. Kohree Trailer Tail Light

I give this light two thumbs up because of the full service that this LED trailer light kit can provide. It includes a stop turn tail light with an illuminator for the license plate, red marker lights, three kinds of wiring harness, mounting hardware, and license plate bracket.

There are also four pieces of reflective stickers. All of these LED trailer lights are corrosion-resistant and submersible, based on the rating of IP68 waterproof. There will be no intrusion of water, dust, sand, dirt, or snow. The lights are completely locked in a frame formed by sonic sealing.

They have an acrylic lens and polycarbonate housing. For installation, there’s a 4-pole connector and 25-feet wiring harness. Ensure that you securely attach the wires or else; a short circuit can happen when the lights mingle with the water.

Bad weather can’t get in my way when taking my boat with me. These lights give off superior visibility, but it’s not glaring. Since it maximizes light input, you have a signal light to warn motorists behind you. Those people would know when you’re reversing or turning and braking.

Vehicles behind you will have an adequate response time. As you can see, it’s all about safety. No wonder that it is a DOT-approved trailer or signal light. It best fits trailers and other vehicles with a width below 80 feet. This thing gives my trailer that cool and ready-for-the-street look.

It’s easy to install as I don’t need to drill holes for the wires. I only need to attach the lights on the circuit board which is sealed for the lights to be protected from exterior factors. This feature is not only convenient but also blocks shock and vibration well.
  • Full service as LED trailer lights
  • IP68 waterproof and corrosion resistant
  • Creates superior visibility without glaring
  • Warns motorists behind you
  • DOT approved trailer light
  • Has a circuit board for easy installation
  • A short circuit can happen when wires are not added properly
This kit allows me to have reliable boat trailer marker lights for safety.

9. Nilight TL-20 Submersible Kit

Just like what everyone wants, this kit has everything you need. I like how multi-functional it is on boat trailers. Adding it to my trailer gives me a brake light or turn signals, tail-lights, side markers, and light for the license plate. You have the liberty to add the lights on your trucks, pickups, tractors, and more.

The LEDs coming from the lights are an outstanding source of light. They emit intense brightness, which results in excellent visibility. I trust the longevity of LED lights, another advantage of it.

Safety is what these waterproof trailer lights provide. They are made submersible to comply with the rules set by DOT. The LED lights are entirely secured in a waterproof seal and circuit board. This gear makes it work well underwater without the occurrence of a short circuit.

There’s water drainage as well for further protection. You will obtain all these wonderful things when you install them properly. There’s no need to worry as it’s easy to install.

Everything you need for the installation is provided. They are a 25-feet wiring harness, license plate bracket, various stainless steel mounting brackets, and other small things like splice, nuts, mounting studs, clips, and ring connectors.

The wires are colored for easy connection. The green one should be on the left side, and the stop turn tail rear light. The yellow wire should be connected to the left lamp. The running lights should have the brown wire. Lastly, the white one should be connected to the pair of lights.

What tested my patience is how to add the small screws. It’s fine with me as it is to ensure that the attachment of the lights is secured. I can say that the adjustments that I needed to make are for a secure installation of these boat trailer brake lights.
  • Multi-purpose
  • Gives intense brightness for distinguishable visibility
  • Complies to the DOT rules
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to install
  • Things needed in the installation are provided
  • Need to securely put the screw
These LED submersible trailer lights are great with the additional water drainage.

10. Prolineppi LED Trailer Light

I find this product awesome as it can be in different applications and vehicles. The multiple bolt locations made this possible. It is functional even with outdated trailers so I can say that it’s an ideal light replacement.

Aside from its ability to adapt to different needs, the installation is self-explanatory. So doing the necessary steps is easy and completing things will be done in no time. These two pieces of trailer lights can be brake lights, tail lights, lights for stop, turn, and license plate.

I would like to use submersible LED trailer lights. Luckily, this item is one of them through the protection of its polycarbonate housing. I witnessed how weather resistant it is based on my experience of using this light on my boat trailer. I was able to use it through the tempest of rain.

Each light is eight inches long with three pieces of wires and a ground ring. I had to buy mounting hardware for it. I know it’s spending more, but it’s an allowance arranged by the manufacturer to allow these lights to fit on any trailer or vehicle.

Your effort on installation will be paid off with the bright light coming from the lights. It makes me and my boat safe from any injury and damage. Other people or vehicles behind me will notice the trailer’s presence to have some precautions.
  • Can be used in different kinds of trailer and vehicles
  • Can be installed on outdated trailers
  • Easy to install
  • Submersible LED lights
  • Weather-resistant; can withstand even the tempest of rain
  • Produces bright light
  • Buying mounting hardware
I’m happy with the effects of this trailer lighting system.

11. ONLINE LED STORE LED Side Marker Light

I love how the manufacturer gives importance to details and it’s how they made this light. Its appearance is remarkable but the functions are incredible as well. You know what, I don’t need side marker lights and reflective tape to make these trailer lights operable.

It’s because these lights are designed to be a combination of a reflector and a side marker light. This procedure was made to meet the requirements imposed by DOT FMVSS-108. The brightness it produces is so impressive. It enhances visibility for both nighttime and daytime.

The amber light is covered with a dispersing lens that displays the quantity of light that I need when I take my boat trailer. Maintaining LED lights doesn’t require a lot of time, yet they work fantastically.

I have confidence in using these trailer lights as there are water drain holes. With this feature, no moisture or condensation will alter its performance. It also means that it will have a longer life span; I’ve been using it for over a year. The brightness remains the same as the lens maintains its clearness.

It’s rated as IP67, which means it’s dustproof and waterproof. So you have the choice of using it for a boat trailer or work trailer. I love how the wire feed notches are simplified for the customer. There are top markings that guide you to easy installation.

Furthermore, the single stud mounting system lets me do the installation with great ease. I just wished that the ground wire is a bit longer. After putting the essential parts in their rightful place, well-constructed trailer lights appear.
  • Has remarkable appearance on boat trailers
  • Designed to be a combination of and reflective side marker lights
  • Enhances visibility daytime and night time
  • Has water drain holes
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Super easy installation
  • The ground wire should have been longer
How marvelous these trailer lights are. It’s not only effective but also convenient for me to use.

12. CZC Auto Red Trailer Lights

I like the oval shape and how it looks nice on my trailer. But there are more important reasons why I’m content with this product. The bright light is just tremendous due to the presence of LED lights. With the diodes, I can take advantage of its long life span.

Even though these lights are in the low mount, its visibility is still striking. There are two different light settings that you can use based on the circumstances that you’re in. Switch to the high level to make it work as a stop or a brake light. In times of normal driving, a low level is applicable.

These lights can be in universal applications too. It’s possible to utilize them as parking, turn, or tail light. Or, you can also install them on any towing vehicles. I love how they look so sleek on any vehicle’s surface. After I installed it on my boat trailer, I feel like I made a lighting upgrade.

With all its useful and functional attributes, these lights comply with DOT requirements. After-sales service is also available for 24 hours in case you need some assistance.

Being waterproof is an important feature for trailer lights. Splashes of water and weather interference can’t be avoided. My trailer is even submerged in the water, and everything went well. The lights remain tough even after getting in contact with water.

I’m fascinated by this light. The looks, quality, and performance are equivalent to trailer lights that are three times more expensive. So I think I get the most out of what I spend. I didn’t have problems installing wires as well. I just bought another rubber gasket to make sure it stays in place.
  • Looks nice on boat trailers and other vehicles
  • Has tremendous, bright light
  • Still visible even in a low mount
  • Has two light settings
  • Universal application
  • Complies with DOT
  • Waterproof; the lights work well even when submerged in the water
  • Buying another rubber gasket
These oval-shaped lights don’t only appear nice, but they shine so brightly.

13. Blazer C6285 Trailer Light

It’s important for me that the trailer lights have a tough and reliable covering. That’s why I chose this product. The ‘Bell Jar Principle’ is the design of its casing. There’s no need for glue or seal to hinder water or other elements from getting into the lights.

It is something that gives me assurance on the protection of the lights. Thus, it’s fine to allow the trailer to immerse into the water. It allows me to take my boat with me even if we have to face the bad weather together.

Buying this light kit allows me to install turn lights, tail lights, and stop lights. You can get everything you need.

These things can be easily installed. The kit includes mounting hardware, a license plate bracket that is corrosion-resistant, a four-way wire harness, and trilingual instruction. I easily pulled off the installation and you can do it too as instructions are provided.

Replacements should be done with #194 and #1157 bulbs. In my case, I also need to get more clips to tuck in wires. When you live in a cold area, it’s best to apply dielectric grease on the contacts of the bulb. This process prolongs the life of the light.

These lights should be connected to the 12V power supply. Mounting is so easy and adjustable as the mounting center is within two to four inches. It’s also universal. So aside from boat trailers, you can use it on other vehicles like jet ski and trucks.
  • Has tough casing based on the ‘Bell Jar Principle’
  • No need for glue or seal
  • Comes as a complete kit
  • Easy to install
  • Universal application
  • Adjustable with the mounting center of two or four inches
If you’re worried about getting your lights wet, this light kit will keep your mind at peace.

14. LIBRA Boat Trailer Guide

This product makes a difference as it doesn’t give me disappointment. I needed to take off the previous boat trailer lights when I needed to pass the waters. It’s not convenient, right? It fails every customer’s expectations on their functions. That doesn’t happen with these Libra lights.

These LED submersible lights can be used on fishing boats and ski boats. You may have it on the guide-on post with standard 2-inch PVC. They can be with water vehicles as they are marine grade. Water and rain won’t weaken them.

The brightness from these lights is also great as it’s created by an advanced SMD LED. The power is 12V. You can depend on its lasting life span as it’s not just an ordinary LED. Thus, they can totally be functional as brakes, tail, and turn lights.

I made these lights as a replacement, and things came out well. They are approved by DOT, SAE, and STI. It’s impossible to make mistakes on installation as it’s very easy. Just like how I installed them, it won’t be messy at all

No gluing and cutting the post are necessary. Drill a small hole to screw and mount the lights. You have to use stainless steel screws to ensure that the lights won’t turn and they would only stay in place.

Standard wiring can make these lights work. Once I’ve mounted them, they’re well-secured with no chances of slipping. Then I started using it. They are even submerged in the water and exposed to the rain. With its rigidity, it can stand the test of time.
  • Submersible and marine-grade LED lights
  • Can be installed on any water vessel
  • Has advanced SMD LEDs
  • Totally functional
  • Approved by DOT, SAE, and STI
  • Easy and no mess installation
  • Rigid lights
  • Might turn if you won’t use stainless steel screws
With the advanced LED and being a marine-grade light, long-lasting usage is guaranteed. It’s functional so I can be on the right track.

What is a Boat Trailer Light and How Does It Work


A boat trailer light is usually seen at the back of the boat trailer. It fulfills the necessity when transporting your boat back and through. It’s essential to keeping you safe from injury and harm. This light also gives a warning to motorists behind or around you.

Due to the thought given to safety, adding trailer light is also how you abide by the law. Some areas require boat transfer at night to minimize traffic. Therefore, it’s an essential thing that prevents road accidents.

There are various parts of a trailer light, such as running lights, brake lights, and tail lights. With the correct installation, the trailer lights will be useful and serve their purpose well. You may check the instruction manual if it’s provided.

You have to deal with wires and mounting when installing trailer lights. It’s not too complex, but it’s simple and easy instead. You only have to make sure that the wires are safely attached and covered to avoid the risk of short circuits.

Types of Boat Trailer Lights

When trailer lights are being differentiated, you have to base it on type and shape. Some function as specific lights, and some work as a combination of all types.


There are several types of boat trailer lights, like turn signal lights, tail lights, and stop lights. Some are sold separately. But others have multiple roles, and they are in a single pack. They are installed on the left and the right sides of the trailer.

A premium light kit includes several lights. There are clearance light, license plate light, signal warning light, back-up light, and tail or spotlight.


Choosing the size is based on your need. Rectangular shaped or low profile light is recommended. These shapes won’t knock against signage posts, bump with curbs, and other obstructions along the road.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Boat Trailer Lights


  • These boat trailer lights promote enhanced safety not just for yourself but for everyone and everything on the road.
  • They provide high visibility, even during bad weather.
  • Having boat trailer lights is a way of complying with authority regulations.
  • If you have LED boat trailer lights, you can expect a longer life span, and they won’t require replacement too often. These lights are energy-efficient without being prone to overheating.


  • You have to make sure that their specifications and performance comply with the regulations of local transportation.

Buyer’s Guide


You have to know essential factors when searching for trailer lights, whether it’s for an upgrade or replacement. Who doesn’t want to get the worth of their money and be satisfied with what you bought? Divert your attention from false advertising and marketing but rather pay attention to these:

The Type of Light

When you have a boat trailer with a width lower than 80 feet, see to it that you have turn signal lights, tail lights, stop lights, side marker lights, and rear or side reflector.

When you have a boat trailer 80-feet wide and above, it’s best to give importance to clearance lights. These lights need to be on both sides of the trailer. Three, red identification lights are also essential, and they should be placed at the end of the trailer.

Make sure to get a boat trailer light kit that complies with the standards of the law. It should be certified by its high visibility, quality, reliability, and durability. You can have a safe and convenient transporting of the boat with the right type of light.

Covering or Casing

A covering or casing is vital for the protection of the trailer lights. Whenever you use your trailer, it’s inevitable that they are exposed to natural and exterior elements.

Interference from outside factors doesn’t only shorten the lifespan of your light. Disaster can happen as a short circuit. The tough covering that you can rely on is the one that is submersible and waterproof. It is also corrosion-resistant, and it allows the light to withstand bump and impact.

Waterproof quality blocks moisture and condensation, which can degrade the light’s performance. So your trailer lights should have a casing made of marine grade materials.

Ruggedness is a wonderful trait of the covering of trailer lights. It implies that the light and hardware are both tough. They can withstand the wear and tear of outdoor elements. There’s no need to question its durability as it also lengthens the shelf life of the trailer lights.

The Installation

You may find a trailer light kit with everything in it, including the necessary things for installation. Some kits will be easy to install and self-explanatory. Some of them have a complicated wiring system. Therefore, you need some experts working on it.

It’s recommended to buy a kit that is easy and convenient to install. It’s great to have the necessary wires, but it will be nicer if they are in the required length.

Care and Maintenance

Even how heavy-duty or waterproof the boat trailer lights are, they still need care and maintenance. Here are some tips regarding this matter

Checking the wiring

Regular checking of wiring is needed. Some unpleasant things may happen with the lights, but it can worsen with wires. They are connected to the power supply. Disaster can occur when there are some cuts on them like a short circuit.

You have to inspect every part of it even though you have added some protective cover against water. It’s better to be sure than sorry.

Be Attentive on the Condition of the Light and the Bulb

Spending a few minutes checking the light and the bulbs’ condition doesn’t hurt you so it should be a part of maintenance, especially before using the boat trailer. You don’t want to be interrupted in the middle of the road or the water.

It should also be done after replacement. Wires are connected with the light, so it’s another thing that you have to check and see if they’re in the proper place. By doing this step, you will know if there’s a burnt-out bulb or replacement is needed.

Eyeing the Fuse

Before using the boat trailer, you have to check the fuse if they’re in good condition to serve. The lights need electricity to work, so that’s why you need to do this.


The dust that clings on the covering of the light can cause shadowing. Do some cleaning if you don’t want it. It can be done simply with water and mild soap.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the top-rated boat trailer lights?

The ones who make the most trusted trailer lights are MAXXHAUL, CZC Auto, Wellmax, Carrep, Online LED Store, Wesbar, Kohree, Nilight, Prolineppi, Blazer, and Libra. They are much better and worthy than Seasense trailer lights and Optronics LED boat trailer lights.

Are LED trailer lights better?

LEDs have several characteristics that make them better than the other lights. The lights they produce are because of the diodes. They are known to be safe and durable. Their ability to equally distribute heat evades the occurrence of overheating.

A lot of users like LEDs because of the super bright white light. The visibility that it shows makes a huge difference. They’re waterproof, therefore capable of protecting themselves.

They are also energy-efficient and cost-effective. While other kinds of light can also give you high visibility, there are several advantages that you can get from using LED lights.

Can LED trailer lights be submerged in water?

Led trailer lights are encased in a welded polycarbonate lens for good. Thus, you don’t have to worry about bulbs getting short circuit or even having corrosion. It’s impervious to road grime and exterior elements. So it’s always submersible.

LEDs only generate a small amount of heat. When you immerse it into the water, no trouble will come up with thermal shock.

How do you troubleshoot boat trailer lights?

Here are some troubleshooting steps when your trailer lights suddenly fail to work.

  • Ground Check

First, you should check the ground wire as it is the common cause of issues with your boat trailer light. You can begin by cleaning it first. Each light has its ground connection.

If ever your light flickers or blinks, grounding by hitch is its root, rather than the wires. It’s also helpful to check if the ground shares the same screw with other wires. It’s better than it’s on its own screw, or you can place it on the bottom part of the stack.

  • Terminals

Another way of fixing is getting rid of terminals that don’t have a seal and antiquated ones with crimps on them. Solder sealed terminals are way more formidable than the old school types. They don’t allow contaminants to enter. No voltage drop can happen too.

  • Fuse

With the assistance of a powered converter, you can find out if the fuse is still functional or not. Examine the fuse and the wiring. If the fuse keeps on being blown, it’s the outcome of an overloaded circuit. You may need to opt for LED lights as a replacement.

Trailer Wiring or Vehicle Wiring?

It’s normal to remove the trailer from the vehicle. Lazy individuals should be reminded that they must do it as it’s essential in this troubleshooting. It’s for you to determine if the trailer lights are in perfect condition.

Connect the vehicle side wiring to a different battery. The white wire is for positive, and the colored ones should be linked with the negative side. If the lights work with a spare battery, then the issue is with the trailer.

  • Rewiring

You have to decide for yourself in some circumstances. If the wires are old and have been repaired a couple of times, rewiring is the last resort. Cracks, corrosion, and signs of aging are something that is beyond repair. So rewiring is the best way to keep your trailer lights active.

Should I unplug trailer lights when launching a boat?

The answer to this is based on the kind of light. If you have the traditional incandescent, you have to unplug the light first before immersion into the water. But you have to plug it back in when you leave the ramp.

It’s a different case with LED lights. Since they remain cool and permanently sealed, there’s no need to unplug before launching the boat. You have to be aware that there’s a system where the lights are linked to the brake. When the lights are unplugged, it’s the same setting with the brake.

Where to buy?

You may go to Walmart to buy boat trailer lights in person. It depends on the person’s preference. Some settle for the convenience of online shopping. But you have to make sure you’re searching on a reliable website. You can learn more about the services llc associates program so you can have a guide.

There are advantages when you check for boat trailer lights online. A wide array of selections is available. If you get overwhelmed, you check out boat trailer lights reviews as your reliable source and guide.


The best boat trailer lights for you will depend on the width of your boat trailer. But it’s important that the lights be covered with marine-grade materials as these lights are exposed to natural elements outside. Ruggedness, being heavy-duty, and durability are the essential factors for continuous use.

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